Happy Endings: Proof that Split End Repair is possible!

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I never thought I would live long enough to see something this incredible happen.  Ladies,  the 21rst century, with all of it's technological advances, has finally brought us the ability to actually repair split ends.  You heard me correctly. Split end repair is now humanly possible thank to a mending complex consisting of polyelectrolyte complex (PEC).
split end
Image taken from my hair analysis earlier this year.
Split ends occur from normal manipulation related to styling. As we know, the ends are the oldest part of our hair making most susceptible to breakage, peeling and splitting.  Oh, and let's not forgot about those "mid-shaft splits" which is the source of our hair breakage. Can you imagine how much benefit this PEC complex could have on our hair journey if it really does what it claims?

Researchers utilized hair samples with obvious splits in the hair shaft and applied a solution of positively and negatively charged ions knowns as PEC. (By the way, the splits observed were not just at the end of the hair but along the hair shaft as well).  I'm guessing that the oppositely charged ions were drawn together allowing it to mend the hair as they combine.  Those doing the testing  measured the effectiveness of the solution immediately after application and during styling (using a comb).  They found that the repaired hair strand was able to better withstand the manipulation & stress of combing.  They described the repair as semi-permanent because the solution rinses off the hair after a shampoo treatment.

THEE most exciting thing about their results was the durability of the solution post styling.  Meaning that repaired splits remained in tact even after combing  (I can't contain myself right now).  See page 9 of this report for pictures demonstrating both complete and partial split end repair after the solution was applied.

If the pictures weren't fancy enough for you, check out this video that actually shows a split end being repaired under time lapse.

VIDEO CAPTION: The researchers applied a drop of 2% PEC solution on a split end that was mounted on a glass slide and placed under 50X magnification. A video was then recorded using high speed recorder software as a blow-dryer was aimed at the sample. When the polymer film dried, it contracted, binding the split end back together. 

So how is this PEC complex different from proteins? From what I gather, proteins repair the external layers of the hair follicle, protecting it from damage.  This miracle complex, however, has the ability to actually penetrate the follicle & cuticle layer.  Once it's inside the strand, it can "glue" the hair together from the inside out.  That's why it has the ability to repair splits occurring  anywhere along the length of the hair shaft.   When the researchers looked at the repaired strand after treatment, the cuticle layer appeared smooth ("and wonderful"--my words, not theirs).  I had to sit down after reading writing that last sentence because it just hit me that only virgin hair has a smooth (not lifted) cuticle layer.  And now, it may be possible to create a similar level of repair to our hair (holding back tears of joy). 

So if you're like me, you're probably like "how do I find this miracle hair elixir?  My hair needs it now!"  Well you're in luck, because there are a couple of products on the market containing this PEC complex including Joico K-Pak Split End Mender, Nexxus Pro-Mend Conditioner & Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner.

I promise you that I will have one, if not all three products, in my possession by end of day.  Can you imagine what this could mean in regards to retention?  Now, I'm not condoning that we no longer have to trim our hair. Since this is a semi-permanent solution, I see it as an ideal product to use after a healthy trim to keep the ends sealed and in tip-top shape!

We've seen a miracle happen before our very eyes people!  Go and tell the whole world! 

**edit to add:  I've already gotten my hands on Nexxus ProMend Leave-in.  Look out for the review in the future.**


  1. Hey I loooove this blog so much even though my hair is natural. I did read about this on another blog however I was disappointed to see that it lasts until you shampoo your hair. This could be quite difficult if you have an active lifestyle and wash you hair regularly. Or am I wrong?

  2. Hi Zoe! Yes, the effects are temporary but, if you are a frequent washer, you can experience the benefits at every wash. I believe Nexxus also makes a promend night time treatment that can be used between washes.

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