Love Her Look: Vanessa Hudgens

I have shifted the way I shop for clothes.  Years ago I would visit stores and wander around aimlessly looking for something to catch my eye.  It works for some, eventually, I realized that I work better with a more focused approach to shopping.

So instead of blindly walking into a store hoping I find something I love, I know identify pieces I'd like to add to my wardrobe before I even walk into a store.  This way, when I walk into a store, I already have a goal in mind.  If I happen to run into something else, great!  But at least I have an intention of something I want to build my wardrobe.
Just added to my closet wish list are a pair of white slacks similar to the ones Vanessa Hudgens is wearing.  Her white on white look is perfection.  It's perfect for spring.  I know that finding the right pair may take several trips but at least I have an objective.  I've always had a hesitation towards buying white shoes so I love the fact that she paired this all white look with a pair of skinny nude heels.  The white pants are a priority but I am also looking for an amazing white top to see if I can pull the entire look off. Wish me luck.

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