Nicole Murphy shares her fitness ritual

Every so often I'll happen upon a candid pic of Nicole Murphy casually strolling about while flashing her exquisite abs.  Then I remember that this woman is in her mid 40's and has given birth 5 times.  Her fit physique represents true inspiration no matter our age or what our bodies have gone through. 

It's only natural that we'd want to learn more about what this woman does to keep herself looking absolutely amazing.  Just by taking a glance at the food pic below, we can all assume that Nicole eats a pretty clean diet.  Meaning that she probably avoids processed foods and eats a high protein diet with lots of vegetables, while managing her carb intake.  They say that "abs are made in the kitchen" and it looks like Nikki (as she calls herself) is making certain that her meals help her work towards her goals, not against them.
According to an interview, Nicole works out 4-5 times a week, even when she travels and incorporates at least three variations of abs exercises into her work outs.  In her words, "it's part of a lifestyle."

I paused to let that sink in a little and reflected back on my fitness journey.  Could I honestly say that fitness was a lifestyle commitment?  No, for me it was more like a thing to focus on when my body wasn't looking the way I wanted or a way to get ready for an upcoming beach vacation.  This year, as I make new goals and commitments, I am becoming the type of person who works out consistently as a part of my weekly a part of my lifestyle.

You can check out the interview here. Or follow @nikimurphy for more updates and inspirational pics. 

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