Raspberry Bamboo Tea & 30 Day Challenge

Bamboo Tea

Last week, I returned to my local grocer where I grab my "fresh from the farm" supplies.  This time, they were offering raw milk in half gallon mason jars.  Immediately upon laying my eyes on it, I decided on it's alternate purpose.

Once the milk was gone, I'd utilize the jar to store bamboo tea, a half gallon at a time.  Something about a mason jar makes me feel like I'm in a small country town where people make fresh lemonade.  So I decided to get all fancy with it and add a bit of lime, some mint, raspberries and cucumbers which add even more silica to this already silica filled beverage.

The mix was cool, refreshing and reminded me of a decadent spa experience.   Since we are on the subject of bamboo tea, I'd like to let everyone know that  YouTuber TressedforSuccess has started her very own 30 day Bamboo Tea Challenge.  How exciting!

 Best quote from this video:  "I steeped the first glass, added the honey.... I don't really know if I ever experienced love before in my life. I thought I had but then I tried this tea, but now I'm not sure.  The flavor is amazing!  It tastes like rainbows and love." 

I nodded my head slowly as I listened to her words. She spoke no lies.  Who's ready to join in the Bamboo Tea challenge?


  1. I ordered my tea a few days ago, very excited to try!!

  2. I just reordered some more tea! I've been drinking it for over a week now and I feel like my night isn't complete until I've had a cup of my bamboo tea with raw honey.

  3. ohmigosh that recipe sounds amazing! I can't wait to try it! & Thanks so much for mentioning me :) I love you for opening my eyes to this tea :D

  4. I just ordered 30 satchels of bamboo tea as well and can not wait to try it. I love the idea of making the infused tea. Would you mind putting together a light recipe? Did you use one tea bag? Is the added silica from the cucumbers?



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