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Happy Friday! Today I'm bringing a dose of motivation via a "Fitness Friday Post!" I'm partnering with a few other bloggers to bring this feature to you each Friday. Since we last talked I reminded everyone that "Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter." Over the past few weeks I've been operating under a new mindset. Before, working out was something I fit into my life when convenient.
early morning workout session posted on my Instagram

 My huge "Aha moment" came after realizing that I couldn't successfully operate under that way of thinking. In that same instance, I decided that keeping fit and healthy would be a priority and not something I did if time permitted. Since that shift in mindset occurred, things have been pretty amazing. Now, when I wake up in the morning, that great debate about whether I have time to work out or not doesn't exist. I just do it. So far, that's been working out really well. Even during my hectic travels, I realize that I can't afford to allow my commitment to waiver.

 This morning I got a call from my brother who was feeling a little down about his progress. A couple of years ago he would run several 5k races a year and even ran a half marathon. Today, he was feeling uninspired about his lack of physical exercise and subsequent changes in his body. After asking a few questions we talked about how he could "batch" his physical activity with other things that took up his time. In his case, the evenings were spend on the phone with his long distance girlfriend. After exploring his situation further, I suggested he work out (walk or run) while on the phone with her. Just a simple shift in how he normally does things could create a totally different outcome for him a few months from now. Who knows, he might be back to running marathons again. I share that story to tell all of you that "there is always a way." And besides, there is never a time when after working out I say to myself "I shouldn't have done that," or "I could have spent my time doing something better." That NEVER happens. But I can't tell you how many times I've regretted not working out.  So I chose to live a life with no regrets.

 If you would like to stay inspired with me, please check out my Get Fit! board on my Pinterest Page.

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  1. Woop woop this is so true and this is the mentality that has got me through my first month of exercising

  2. I could not agree more!! I am trying to train my thought process to achieve my goals physically, mentally, financially and most importantly spiritually. By making things like reading, learning, exercising and positive thinking a part of daily living, vs. things on a to do list I am opening myself up to endless possibilities. These posts are really inspiring. I am often down on myself sometimes for being lazy and not accomplishing these goals so it's nice to know that there are other people that struggle with these same issues but are working to overcome them and not letting the lazy bone win. I look forward to seeing your progress and thank you for taking the time to write these articles.


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