Happy Endings | The Micro Trimming Method for Thick Full Ends

healthy ends
Let me ask you a question.  If you could be the same length as you are now (or maybe a little longer) but instead of tapered, uneven, or thin ends, you can have a full thick ends.  Would you want that?  Of course you would. What if I told you that there could be a way to achieve that. Would you be interested?

Before I explain the specifics let me first set the tone for our conversation.  I have had many internal conversations wondering how those of us who chemically treat our hair can have thickness all the way down to our ends.  It seemed almost impossible short of doing a major chop.  But even after a chop the length seems to eventually return to its former state.  Notice how many people are doing mini-chops after a touchup to eliminate wispy ends.  It just seems like a never ending problem.

The solution to this issue may come in the form of a method called micro trimming. This is where one trims off 1/4 to 1/2 inches of hair monthly, every other month or quarterly for the purposes of creating thicker, fuller ends.  Essentially, the regular trims will remove my current ends, and, as new hair grows in, my new length will take over the place where my old (thin) ends once were.

This method is one that requires a long term commitment.  No longer will I only be focusing on the short term needs of my hair (such as dryness, breakage, etc) I must also have a long term strategy in place.  Since it's #FearlessFriday, I decided to institute microtrimming starting today.  I actually washed my hair at 6:00 am so I can trim during my roller set.  After my first micro-trim session, I'm already loving how much better my hair feels.  Can't wait until next month until I do it again.

In my case, I think I'll take the aggressive route and start with monthly trims.  Yes. Every month, I'll take off 1/4 of an inch.  I'll do this for at least 6 months then assess my progress. Essentially, my length could remain about the same while my ends appear fuller.  Notice I said,"could" remain the same.  In the back of my mind, I'm devising a plan to achieve both length and thickness!

We'll discuss this more in part II of this post. But for now, I invite you to reflect on your journey to see if this method could be beneficial to you.  Is anyone already doing this now?  Please share your experience.


  1. Hello, I'm new to this blog, but I am loving it thus far! =) Will you be posting progress pics while trying this method? I'm interested in giving it a shot as well. I'm currently at mid back, but I definitely am slacking towards the ends. >_<

  2. Hi Panda! Welcome.
    You brought up a great point. I'll probably take my first pic after my next touch up and begin from there.

    I haven't worn my hair straight in a while since I'm far along in my stretch.

  3. That is such a great idea. I know people usually only trim their ends when they touch up their roots yo see how much growth they achieved. But this makes more sense, you can grow longer hair, nip split ends in the bud, and have thicker ends.

  4. I would love to see you document your ends progress. It's a great idea that would be beneficial in the long run

  5. In high school and pretty consistently through college I got my hair done biweekly and hit regular trims. My hair has always been BSL and lower. My ends were so thick and healthy. I got away from that. My hair is still king but my ends haven't been as healthy since. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I plan to do something similar as per my marching orders from Komaza.

  7. I definitely wanted to chime in because one of the things that has helped me to maintain that "fresh cut" look is the greenhouse method. I think that by applying this technique it would really ensure thick, healthy and split free ends.


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