Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 5

It's time for yet another compilation of some of the best beauty finds on Instagram.  Take a gander at the latest round up.

June Ambrose is a staple when it comes to these Insta-Beauty posts.  She's constantly introducing us to her beauty faves.  Thank God she shared her love of CapriClear coconut spray.  I've been overcome with joy every since that little gem has come into my life.  You all know by now how much I've been enjoying my Evian facial spay (I can't stop talking about it).  Well, June has introduced to me something different (and perhaps better).  Chanel's Hydra Beauty Essence Mist.  This lightweight mist goes beyond purified water.  Essence Mist also contains Vitamin C + E, hyaluronic acid to look in moisture.  The price tag makes me cringe a little but, I gotta admit, I'm still very interested.  Who knows, perhaps Miss Ambrose has introduced me to my next favorite product.
I've said it time and time again that I'm done buying nude nail colors.  But it seems that I may have to eat my words thanks to @nailcandy101.  When she posted this pic of her wearing OPIs "Don't Bossa Nova Me" I was sold.  But can you blame me?  This color is gorgeous and looks flawless against her skin.
Some of you may seen before and after pics of women signing the praises of fiberlash mascara.  If you haven't, take a look at the pic below.  Basically, these super mascaras have the ability to literally transform lashes from "non-existant" to "are you wearing falsies?"  The leader in this space is Younique Fiberlashes.  I've been debating for a while but I think it's time to take the plunge and try these for myself. I can't pass up on the opportunity to have lashes that captivate simply by putting on some mascara.
I've invested precious time scouring Pilar Sander's page hoping she would share of one her many beauty secrets.  While Pilar hasn't shared any of the products she uses, she has given us a glimpse into the greatest beauty secret of all. Filling the body with lots of nutrients creates vitality from the inside out.  This woman has wonderful hair, skin, and body at over 40 years of age. Do you think her eating habits may have something to do with it?
The final beauty secret comes from a message I received on my Facebook page.  She shared this jaw dropping image of her waist length hair with the caption: 
"I love Beautifully Bamboo Tea!" I have 2 cups a day [for] stronger, longer hair & stronger nails. Someone told me the other day "your skin is pretty, what are you using?"  It's the Bamboo Tea!"

 The moment I finished reading her comments, I walked straight over to the kitchen and poured me a cup.   You don't have to tell me twice.

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