Monday Motivation | Learning to Love the Process.


One of the most powerful lessons I’m learning this year is the idea of shifting my focus from achieving an outcome to enjoying the process.  Process pretty much consists of all the times when we get up and do something over and over again.  It's the road we have to travel before reaching our intended destination.  Often times, the process is repeated dozens or hundreds of times without enjoying any result.  Although nothing changes, you go back and do it again anyway.

For years, I’ve loathed this cycle.  Nothing gets me more excited than experiencing results.  Results are everything.  Doing something without an immediate reward was the most frustrating.  But, what I realized was when I focused only on the results, they would pretty much evaporate without the process to support its growth.  Over time, I was left with neither the results nor the process.  Then I frantically go back to taking lots of action in hopes of regenerating some type of result. 

 I now know this is a fool’s game.  I’ll even go as far as to call it immature.  Why would I want to keep avoiding the very thing that gives me exactly what I want?  Why get up in the morning and dread working out if it gives me the body I desire?  Why shun the same daily routines that provide the results I long for?  Why not love the process as much even more than the results themselves?    

The process could take weeks, months, years or a lifetime.  I choose to love the process because the process brings me results.   Not only does it bring me results, but it also builds my character, discipline and determination.  So whenever I venture into a new endeavor and I see all the “hard work” that lays ahead of me, I will look at the road ahead and smile to myself because I am excited about the process.

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