Monday Motivation | Use the Domino Effect to change your life

We have about 100 days left in the year (yes I am counting down).  My intention is to max out as much potential from these last 100 days as I possibly can.  What I plan to do is leverage the power of small actions to compound and eventually provide a significant impact.  Someone said it best when he stated that every day, we should focus on knocking over the domino.

Take a look at this quick video as an illustration.

I love where the guy said that a domino can knock over another domino that is 1.5X larger.  That is a really powerful message if you think really about it.  Notice how small the first domino is.  Heck, I'm not even sure we can label it a domino.....more like a chicklet.  The largest domino is 100 lbs.  Then the guy goes on to blow our minds by saying that if they had 29 dominos in place (each one 1.5x larger than the last), then the tiny chicklet would essentially have the power to knock over a domino the size of  the empire state building.

Then he goes into the science and proclaims that only a little bit of push is required to bring the "domino" to the tipping point.  Then you get all that energy back again which is more than enough to knock over the next domino.  This is a brilliant example of how massive results can be created from small actions.  When the guy said that we should knock over a domino each day, he was referring to taking one action that creates energy (momentum) to propel into the next action.  Soon all of the energy builds up and we are knocking over even larger dominos than when we first started.  Next thing we know, we have built up enough potential to create the greatest of results.

For the past week or so, I've been applying the 1% rule into my daily actions.  Basically, I work to improve what I do by just a little bit each day knowing that my actions are compounding over time.  My goal is by the end of the day, I've improved in some way, shape of form, over how I performed the day before.  This, my friends, is my way of knocking over a domino.  I take an action, no matter how small, towards goals.

To ensure that I'm focusing on enjoying the process, I celebrate the act of taking action instead of looking for a result. The result is coming.  It's inevitable as long as I keep improving even by 1% .  Can you imagine how big the domino we knock over in 2015 will be if we practice this habit today?

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  1. Very powerful concept. I like your 1% rule. I am going to join you in working on that. Like you said, imagine how successful 2015 will be if I start now...doing something everyday to improve in particular areas. Thanks


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