5 Makeup Looks to try this weekend!

Whatcha doing this weekend? If your plans consist of mostly lounging around, I've got a little homework for you.  I invite you to invest a little time on practicing your makeup techniques.  Practice makes perfect and it makes sense to have our technique down pact instead of just winging it minutes before heading for a night out.  Years ago, I invested consistent time and effort working on proper makeup application.  My efforts were rewarded and it felt amazing!  Then I got lazy and lost a lot of the finesse.

Now it's time to get back into the swing of things and, just for fun,  I've picked out five looks that I'd like to recreate in a masterful way.

If you have the ability to recreate the nude flawless face, you are officially winning at life.  The flawless nude face involves erasing imperfections, allowing your natural beauty to shine.  This monotone work of art is the perfect foundation for more complicated looks.  What's special about this look is how she draws focus to her brows that stand out without appearing too overbearing.  From there, she keeps everything simple, finishing off the look with a nude lip.  This is the perfect place to start.

Every woman should learn how to wear the deep lip without looking like you are headed to a halloween party.  Explore the world of the rich dark lip and discover whether you look more stunning wearing deep brown, red or purple hues.

The woman who is comfortable wearing a red lip is a woman who is filled with confidence.  She's iconic, mysterious, and unforgettable.  Wanna build your courage and overcome your fears? Try wearing a red lip every day for a week.  Had no luck finding the perfect shade?  No worries, there are hundreds of shades of red available from your "every day red" to the boldest, most alluring shades of crimson.  Keep searching until you find that shade of red that makes you come alive.

What I love about this look is that it highlights your natural beauty without looking like you put in any extra effort.  Part of being stylish is the art of pairing contrasts.  Here you have an oversized bun, gold accessories, a plain sweatshirt and the flirtiest pair of eyes ever!  She's dressed down but with keeps the look stylish with accessories and her captivating eye makeup.  Drawing focus to the eyes is critical if you've got small eyes (like I do).   What I love is that she didn't just rely on a pair of falsies but also focused on the technique to create the perfect natural cateye.

Before I die, I'm determined find a shade of pink lipstick that compliments my skin.  Yeah, I admit it, pink is a little outside my of my comfort zone, but I know that if I find that perfect shade, it'll all be worth it. Rarely do you see someone, out in the real world, properly wearing pink. I want to take on the challenge of finding my signature pink lip.  But I think I'll try a different route. Maybe instead of  lipstick, I may be better off reaching for a pink/nude liner and fill my entire lip instead.

We've got a lot of work to do. Let's get started!


  1. Have you tried Mac's Flat Out Fabulous? It's a matte but it's the best pink lip for our color. Sometimes I put a gloss on top of it and it's really gorgeous.

  2. Hi Amija,
    I'd never heard of that color before but I did a Google image search for ladies with brown skin wearing it. Super cute. I may have to go check it out.

    Thanks for the recommendation!


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