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I throughly enjoy learning about the unique and unusual treatments out there.  Ever since I've learned to conduct a basic facial at home, I'm no longer intrigued by your run of the mill spa facial.  I'm on the lookout for treatments that have an immediate and powerful impact to the skin.  The last treatment I indulged in was the HydraFacial.  It's a simple series of steps with the ability to infuse moisture deep within the skin.

Now, more than ever, I'm looking for treatments with the power to go deeper that the skin's surface. Right now I've got my eyes set of the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial.  The first time talk of this treatment came into the mainstream was when Kim Kardashian let Oprah (and the whole world) in on her beauty secret.  Images of her bloodied and bruised face flooded the internet and the procedure was known as the vampire facial.
"So worth it. And now my face is beyond smooth and healthy." @morganhardman sharing her results from the Vampire Facial

So here's how it works.  You sit comfortably in a chair while the specialist draws blood from your arm.  That blood is then placed in a centrifuge that spins it around, the separating platelets.  These platelets contain "growth factors" that rejuvenate the cells in our bodies.  The platelets and growth factors are in concentrated form (to 4X the normal levels) and ready to be re-injected directly into problem areas for maximum results.  This process activates new stem cells and stimulates collagen and elastic.

Because collagen production takes time, the full results of the facial could take several weeks to actualize.  This process has been applied to treat traumatic injuries. Many professional athletes use this to regenerate injured areas of the body.  Not only is PRP therapy creating youthful skin and bodily healing, it's also used widely to help stimulate the regrowth of hair.
Those growth factors in the platelets, when injected into the scalp, feed the hair follicles which allow for the growth of healthy hair. This procedure is widely used in conjunction with hair transplantation to increase the success rate.  The treatment thickens the hair and reactivates stagnant follicles.  I watched a couple of videos on Youtube but got a bit freaked out by the needle injections to the scalp.  I think I'll stick to scalp massages and using my rolling bed of needles.
I'd love to use this treatment in areas where I'm plagued with deep acne scars.  I'm positive that I'll make more progress on these stubborn scars by focusing on deeper layers of the skin instead of working only on the epidermis.  As a matter of fact, a skin specialist once recommended a treatment for me that involved breaking up scar tissue, by using a needle, and attacking the scar from the bottom up.

 The PRP facial pretty pricey at between $500-$1,000 (but closer to the $1,000 price point), especially since multiple sessions are recommended.  But the cost might be worth it, especially if you continue to see improved results long after the procedure has been performed. If the price tag makes you a little squeamish, you may opt to employ the derma roller which helps rejuvenate the skin by creating micro trauma to the skin, causing new collagen to form as the skin heals.  You don't get the benefit of the nutrient rich growth factors but, hey, it's a start.


  1. This seems to be a very extreme practice for glowing skin! I think i'll stick to my vitamin C and Hyaluronic serums as blood freaks me out?

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  3. I really like the fresh perspective you did on the Anti-aging facials. I will be back soon to check up on new posts! Thank you!


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