In the shower | Taking your beauty ritual to the next level.

Typically, if you were to peek inside my shower, you'd find several bottles of random shampoos, conditioners, and protein treatments.  But something happened the other day, that would change all that.  There I was, taking a shower, just like any other day, I dipped my fingers into a jar of TreeHut's Brown Sugar scrub to conduct my all over body exfoliation when suddenly, by accident I start scrubbing my face.

The instant I realized what I was doing, I freaked out.  Thoughts like, "these grains could be to large and could scratch your skin" flooded my mind.  But after the panic subsided, I realized that scrubbing my face with it wasn't the end of the world.  Then it hit me like a light.  Why don't I keep my face scrub in here?
Keeping shampoos and conditioners in the shower seemed to make sense.  The only problem was that I only use those products 1-2 times a week.  But, on the flip side, there are beauty products that I should be using daily, that'll bring much more value if they were in the shower with me.  So I switched out my hair products for those that benefit the skin.
Texture shot of Treehut Sugar Scrub vs the finer grains of Fresh Sugar Facial Scrub.
First on the list was the jar of Fresh's Sugar Scrub. You've heard me mention it several times before. This stuff is ridiculously expensive and worth every scent.  Fresh's umbra clay bar also made the list of products moving into the shower. It's a clay mask shaped like a bar of soap.  Great if you want a simple daily clay mask in an easy to use form.  I alway find that the damper my skin, the easier it is so apply, so using it the shower is a no-brainer.  Then I grabbed my bottle of Palmer's Coco Butter Moisturizing Body Oil off my dresser and moved it to where it makes more sense.  The only time I use it is after a shower so why not keep it in the bathroom to apply while my skin is most damp?
Here's how it all went down.  After jumping in the shower, I grabbed the clay bar, applying it all over my moistened face. While waiting for it to dry, I scrubbed my body with soap and a Salux cloth then proceeded to exfoliate my body using the sugar scrub.  After shaving, I check on the clay mask which only dried 85% because of the moisture in the shower (or because I go through my shower routine pretty quickly. That was fine by me, I just need it to draw dirt and oil to the surface in preparation for the cleansing routine.  I removed the mask by gently applying Fresh Sugar scrub to my skin using gentle circular motions.  What I love about this scrub is that it leaves behind traces of the natural oils on your skin, so it never feels dry or stripped.  Finally, I grabbed the Clarisonic Pro brush for a proper cleansing.  After I scrubbed my feet, I was done and ready to go. But before I left the bathroom, I rubbed a little of the coco butter oil on my damp skin to retain all of that lovely moisture.
Once I got to my dresser, I began the ritual of beautiful skin.  Here's the thing.  When I applied the glycolic and hyaluronic serum to my skin, I felt a slight tingle.  This wonderful little tingle is a sign that my skin was properly exfoliated enough to let the product do its job.  The smirk on my face said it all.  This could be the thing the completes my skin care regimen. Why hadn't I thought of this sooner?  Now I can actually exfoliate every day without fail (extends left hand in the air to give you a high five). I woke up this morning after trying the full routine for the first time last night and I couldn't stop looking at and touching my skin (sorry Lady Dee).

I'm still debating on whether I'll use the exfoliating scrub twice a day or just once.  I've got a small collection of facial scrubs and Fresh is the only one that could be used 2X a day without scratching or over drying my skin.  I'll test it out and see how it goes.  The reason why this is so awesome is because I've already developed rituals that are engrained. Therefore pairing these new actions, with what I already do, should be quite easy.

On thing I'll need to do is create a little more space and organization in the shower.  It's a wonderful beauty ritual and should be presented as such. That's why I've got my eyes on these teak wood shelves to display everything in a neat and attractive way.

What beauty items do you keep in your shower?


  1. So your exfoliating everyday along with using Cure weekly?

  2. Hi! The Cure gel is extremely gentle. Kinda like using a cream cleanser, which allows me to still use a more abrasive exfoliator the following day. Especially during the summer. It gets really hot here & my skin can get quite congested. Also, the Fresh Scrub leaves my skin feeling hydrated unlike other facial scrubs I've tried that dry out my skin.

  3. what do you use to moisturize post shower?

  4. Interestingly, I had the same epic "ahhaaa" moment a few months ago and that has also helped me in deciding what to use each week. I move what I want to use for the week.or month into the bathroom. I also keep some close to where I brush my teeth so I'm able to able some products before shower time.

  5. Makes perfect sense.

    My shower used to be jammed package with so many things that I did not use regularly. Now it is just filled with essentials that I use daily or every other day. Shower gel, soap, body scrub and razor. I think it would be a good idea to have a body oil nearby too. I have moved my clarasonic and face cleanser to the sink area, in doing the korean skincare regime morning and evening cleansing has become an enjoyable and almost meditative process which I now like to do front of the mirror.

    Now when washing my hair although I thought it would be inconvient to get my shampoos and conditioners from another storage place - I take a bit more time to work out how my hair is feeling and what it needs rather than just reaching for whatever is closest in the bathroom.

  6. Ironwoman. I love how you described the Korean Skin Care Routine as a meditative process. You're absolutely right about that.

  7. I put MSM in my body, in shower gel, cell food gel (my serum), body lotion (would do facial moisturizer but Dr Murad's container won't let me), hair conditioner...can't remember if I put it in oil (which I only use a few drops on my feet as body doesn't like oil) and I exfoliate everyday with gloves and weekend with salux. SOFT, SOFT, SOFT!!! I try not to overload the product with MSM but I'm not too shy either. Soft, tight skin.

  8. Hi LouisChick,
    Thanks for the tip. In what form is the MSM you're using?


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