On Repeat // SZA + Willow Smith 9

On Saturday mornings, I love filling the house with music as I clean, cook and do other random chores. SZA's "Z" is one of my go-to albums.  So, when Youtube recommended that I take a gander and SZA and Willow Smith's collaboration, 9, I was more than happy to click.

I have to admit it, I was not all that impressed with Willow's singing ability based on her first single, Whip My Hair. But when I first heard Summer Fling, I immediately downloaded and have listened to it at least a hundred times.

A collaboration of two of my favorite voices is heaven to my ears.  The slow melodic sounds served as a perfect back drop to my gym workout.  Not the kind of work out where you're on the treadmill running your heart out.  I'm referring to those moments, in the weight room, where you're concentrated on maintaining correct form with each rep.  It's the kinda melody that should fill the room as you get ready for the new day that lies ahead.

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