What to wear when you have nowhere to go.

Spending a lot of time at home typically means throwing on the most comfortable thing I own.  And doing the absolute minimum required to get ready for the day.  Time flies and, before you know it, you've spent the entire day in a tank top and the most unflattering pair of shorts you own.

I'm falling into that trap of looking like a totally different person when I'm at home versus when I'm out in public.  Getting out of that habit of "looking bummy" around the house has now become a top priority. It's one thing pray that you don't run into someone you know when you look less than presentable at the grocery store, but I knew things had gone too far when I dreaded opening the front door for the delivery guy because I looked a mess.

 From past experience, I know that if present my best self (even at home), I'm motivated to transform my environment.  Suddenly I want to buy fresh flowers every week, I light luxurious candles to fill the room with alluring scents and I feel a sense of abundance in all I have.

I've made a few new simple rules to follow. The goal is not to invest too much time upfront otherwise, I'll default to not doing anything at all. Just a few small changes to make a big impact on my current routine.

Even if I refuse to give up wearing tank tops, I can certainly chose to adorn my body with simple, striking jewelry.  I have loads of it, and you probably do to.  The problem is that I only put them on if I'm leaving the house. We buy these pieces because they speak to our personality, they flatter us and we think they're beautiful.  Why not enjoy them in the comfort of our own homes?  By just lipping on my rings a cute bracelet, and my favorite earrings, everything changes.  Suddenly, I feel "made up."  But in an easy and effortless way.

What lifts your mood faster than flooding your sense with your most loved fragrance?  Between all the samples I've received and the department store impulse purchases, I have enough fragrance to least me for years.  But do I wear them?  Not unless I'm going out to dinner or somewhere I deem as "special."

The new me will indulge in a daily fragrance application ritual taught to me by a worldly woman with a charming English accent.  I'll also break the habit of classifying my perfume as for "everyday" or for "special nights out."   I mean, if Marilyn Monroe can wear Chanel NO. 5 to bed, why can't I?

The other day hubby and I were doing this "how well do you know your partner" quiz?  One of the questions prompted me to ask him which of my body was his favorite.  His response took me by complete surprise.  "Your lips."

In all honesty, I do absolutely nothing to care for my lips.  And when I say nothing, I mean it.  Suddenly the level of neglect I have for my lips became excruciatingly clear.  I can only imagine how many extra kisses I'd get in return for making sure my lips were always moist, exfoliated and well cared for.  First priority is to ensure I drink enough water to provide natural moisture from the inside out.  Once that's taken care of, I'm making sure to include lips to my daily exfoliation routine.

Then I'll adorn my lips with one of my favorite glosses or lip pencils.  Even when I'm wearing a bare lip, I can always do a little something to make them even more attractive.
Not too long ago, I visited a local Marshall's store to pick up a pair of house sandals.  I knew that I wanted a simple pair of plain black thong sandals to wear around the house on a daily basis.  While there, I saw a pair from Tommy Hilfiger with straps of gold.  "These are different," I thought, I can wear them if I want to look cute and stylish when I go shopping."  So they stayed in my closet, tags and all.  Months went by and I forgot all about them.  Why? Because I continued to wear the same (comfort zone) black sandals that I've always worn.

Today, I'm wearing the golden-strapped sandals with no where to go.  They aren't that fancy, but I was stuck in this mindset that, when I'm at home, I have permission to completely let myself go. Golden strapped sandals were meant to be displayed outside of the home.  I now commit to fill my closet will comfy embellished sandals for lounging.  I'm sure that, as a side effect, I'll have more incentive to take even better care of my feet.

This is just a start.  Next I'll be seeking inspiration for comfy stylish outfit choices for those days when you're lounging spending time at home.  More posts, on this topic, to come.


  1. Inom thing i have invested in is some styling "vegging at home" clothes. A few pair of jersey pants with details like a zip at the ankle for example. And maybe a tanktop with a cool print. Matching a pair of comfy jeans with a jersey blazer is also both stylish and comfortable. Easy to slip in and out off if you need to put something else on to go and run errands.

  2. Wearing earrings around the house feels surprisingly good. Great tip.

    And i agree with the above poster about investing in some nice loung clothes.


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