Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 7.

Who's ready for another round up of Insta-Beaty secrets?  For those of you who new to this series, it's basically where I stalk scour feeds in search of random sharing of their favorite beauty tip/product.  I'm not talking about the paid posts for teeth whitening or "skinny teas."  These are the real products they use everyday and swear by.  Let's get started.

Astrog1rl's Instagram feed is filled with flawless faced selfies. It's no wonder why people would bombard her with questions on what she does to create her everyday face.  Here's what she had to share:

"I get asked everyday what foundation I use so I thought it would be best to just make a post.  I use Makeup Forever Mat Velvet foundation #80 then I use Makeup Forever Duo Mat #218 powder as a finish.  This is the best foundation I've EVER used and yes I tried MAC (it's too heavy IMO).  This is just right for normal/combination/oily skin types."

I'll throw my 2 cents in and agree with her on Makeup Forever foundation.  It gives decent coverage while looking natural.  Since adding it to my regimen, I've never looked elsewhere. That is....until now.  I have the HD Foundation (which is perfect) but I like the idea of a mattifying foundation since I don't use a powder at the moment.  Especially now in the warmer months when oil production is sky high.  

Sharshar is a living testament to the lesson we learned on going to bed greasy.  Her flawless skin prompted lots of questions from her followers on what foundation she used to create her natural glow.  Here's what she had to say:
"For all the lovely ladies asking me what foundation I use. I don't wear any makeup.  I use this on my face and body twice a day."

We've heard that coco butter is notorious for helping to even out skin tone.  It makes perfect sense that this young lady keeps it simple by using something every day that promotes healthy and vibrant skin all over.   If coco butter is too heavy for you, we've seen great results from people who use coconut oil on the skin day/night.  Play around with it and see what works best for you.


I always get a excited when a celebrity shares her beauty secrets.  Today were featuring Melyssa Ford who never shared her go-to skin care products.  Looks like she's loyal to a certain brand.

"These are truly some of my favorite products.  I get questions on what I use on my skin and my two favorite [product] lines are Origins and Olay.  I don't believe in spending a grip of money on designer skincare when these two lines are more than comparable.  And Origins smells so yummy!  Please give them a try!"

If you've been on Instagram for any length of time, you may have run across before and after photos of fiber lash mascaras that use tiny fibers to create dramatic extra long lashes.  Well, it looks like I may have stumbled upon a DIY version to create extra long lashes.  Take a look.

Lily Ghilichi is known for going full glam on a daily basis.  She makes no excuses about wearing big hair and a full face, thanks to her personal team of make up artists.  Most of her page consists of advertisments for her or other products, but recently, she shared this little nugget.

" I get SO many questions about my under eye concealer. Ladies, this truly is THE BEST concealer I've ever used, it has changed my under eye life.  It's by @tartecosmetics and I'm obsessed."
Sounds like Tarte Creaseless Concealer is worth checking out. 

After taking a break from WEN Honeyfig and going back into the world of shampoos, I learned that one of my favorite brands, Biolage,  has a cleansing conditioner for coarse hair.....and now I need it.  Don't get me wrong, I still love Keracare's SLS free shampoo, but I really miss the hydrating power of using a cleansing conditioner.   At first I was like "Nadege, you don't need another shampoo" but then @thisissymphoni said this:

"This is my new fav conditioner. It's a cleansing conditioner. Non stripping, no harsh salts, no parabens.  It makes my hair feel so clean and soft afterwards."

The reviews are awesome so it's secured a VIP spot on my list of Craves.   I'll pick up a bottle on my next visit to Ulta.


  1. I also love the Biolage hair conditioner - it leaves my hair feeling so smooth...

  2. Ooo so many great products to try! I have the MUFE Pro Finish powder and I absolutely love it so I'm gonna look into the matte one. I also use Palmer's coconut butter but never thought of using it on my face. I may have to skip the fancy moisturizer and use it at night. I'm also curious about that Tarte concealer. I use the Amazonian clay one and it's very good and looks so natural. If that's what Lilly's mua is using then I have to try it lol. Great post!

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  3. Do not buy any of the origin products. They are crap. Too expensive and they have loads of irritating ingredients. Always make sure to research about the ingredients before you buy something ladies. And do not forget that 80% of skin damage/aging is from the sun. So wear your sunscreen (EVEEEEEEEERYDAY! Yes even if it's rainy, dark and/or cold outside and even if you have dark skin). Maybe you'll not notice a difference now, but you'll notice it when you are 20 years older :)

  4. i love these posts! i'm a long time reader, but i never comment. Your blog is golden. I'm going to start giving feedback now

  5. I am fascinated by the lady who said she doesn't wear foundation I would love to try doing that and see how effective that is. :)


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