Motivation Monday | Creating your life on a moment by moment basis

One habit I'm cultivating at the moment is transitioning from just living my life to being an active creator. I'll never forget the words my dad once told me that captures this sentiment exactly.  He said, "your life is like your home, you design it in the way you want it to be."  If you don't like how something is, move it around or get rid of it."

I really want to practice active creation on a micro level.  Not just for those big goals but in every moment of the day.  One belief I hold is that the better I get at creating at a small scale, the easier it will be for me to obtain those big goals.
So what does active creation mean? Simply put, it's taking an active role in what my day looks like based on the choices I make throughout the day.  I have this image, this fantasy, of what I'd like my life to look like.  My current reality contains parts of it, but there's a lot of things that aren't congruent.  And many of them are small things that are within my power.  Like in my environment or in how I maintain my appearance, etc.  Sometimes, I only focus on reaching certain milestones but don't pay enough attention to what my ideal day looks like compared to the typical day I experience.

And the best part of it all is how much control I have over my day.  I can determine what time I get up and how I set myself up for the day ahead.  I can load my senses with inspiration from books, images, etc.  I can meditate and visualize my day, I can take extra time to focus on my appearance, etc.  Before leaving my home, I can fill myself up with enough inspiration to last me the entire day.  And in my home, I have the ability to take specific actions that allow each room to elevate my "feel good" energies every time I walk in.

I can make choices to eat foods that nourish my cells, not just fill my stomach.  When I work, I can play my favorite songs in the background to keep my mood in the right place.  I can go on and on.  What's most important is that we identify what an amazing daily experience  looks and feels like to you. Then create it.

 Art used to be my most loved subject in school.  I was pretty talented, and would often receive praise for my sketch work.  Drawing still life was my favorite thing to do.  It required me, as the artist, to pay attention to every detail in the arrangement so I could drawn an accurate replication.  If I didn't look back at the real image frequently, my drawing wouldn't resemble it.  The same with our lives. We've got to look at the life we are actively creating (with a critical eye), and ask ourselves, "does this look like the picture that I've created in my mind?"

If the answer is no, it's simple to make a few strokes to adjust.  Remember that our days, our lives, are comprised of choices just like solid matter is composed of atoms.  New choices are easy to make as long your remain conscious and aware.  So stop thinking of your day as something you live over and over again. See yourself as the artist, creating her masterpiece and see what unfolds before your very eyes.  

A couple helpful tips to make this happen:

  • Affirm what you want for yourself to experience on a daily basis.
  • Spend a few minutes in quiet meditation daily to help raise your awareness. Someone with a low awareness tends to operate on auto pilot and make the same decisions over and over again.
  • Fantasize frequently on your ideal life and ideal day.
  • Set a goal to do 2-3 things a day that cause your day to appear more like your ideal.
  • Know what makes your feel good and focus on doing those things (for example, I once worked in a building with no windows, the environment was depressing. On lunch breaks, I would quickly eat my food then drive to a park nearby, sit on a bench and pretend that I was there because I had time freedom to do whatever I wanted). 
  • When you do this, focus on the smallest little things and work your way up.  It's a bottom up approach. 


  1. I'm so happy you're blogging regularly now. I always come to your blog when I need inspiration and motivation ��.

  2. I swear, sometimes I think you and I are kindred spirits. I've been working on this very same goal, trying to make every day and my home the way I see it in my mind. Plus I love your comments about being an artist, I was very creative with sketching and painting when I was younger, but stopped when I came to live in America. I picked it up again a few years ago, and Im so happy to see the parallel between sketching and visualization and action. I often get stuck at taking action and/or lose sight of my images. Your analogy makes it more concrete for me.

    thank you.


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