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June is coming to an end and soon we'll be in the throws of summer.  Although I love warmer weather, I always seem to have an issue with attire.  It gets crazy hot/humid here which means that it's not uncommon to find young ladies wearing low cut tops and super skimpy shorts.  That's never been my thing 'cause I never felt comfortable wearing shorts in public (weird, I know).  I just don't want to attract any unwanted attention so I choose to cover up as much as possible.

But I think I've found the answer to how to look stylish and modest while wearing cute shorts and camis.  Ladies, I present to you, the kimono.
Charlotte Russe Kimono size S 
First, they make for amazing beach cover ups on your summer getaway.  A lightweight, stylish cover up is what will set you apart from other beach babes.  Even when you're not laying by crystal clear waters, the kimono is versatile enough to be worn pretty much anywhere.
What I love about cooler weather is how easy it is to amp up your look by simply throwing on a leather jacket or whatever cute jacket you have in your closet.  In the summer, things get a little more complicated, especially when you're trying to stay as cool as possible.  That why I adore this as a viable option.  Notice how it transformed my basic cotton dress into something special.
The best thing about these kimonos is how it feels like you barely have anything on. If fact, they generate a cool breeze as you move.  Flowy kimonos make you feel all glamourous like you've got your own personal wind machine.  Oh and I love this full length to add a little bit of coverage when I'm wearing more revealing attire.  I definitely have plans to pick up a couple more. One that stops around mid thigh and maybe another full length.  I'm deciding between this one from Nasty Gal or this one from ASOS.

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  1. I've fallen in Love with Kimonos also. They are so versatile and can be quite a statement piece depending on how it's styled. I own 2 and currently have 2 en route to me. I love the juxtaposition of the long ones with the mini dress.


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