The workout that blasts body fat in only 3 minutes a day

Even though it's not technically spring yet, I'm already enjoying 80 degree weather.  Warm weather in winter is great, but on the other hand, it leaves little time to get summer ready.  This means that I have to work fast to shed the extra pounds.

Recently, I've talked about high intensity interval training as a means of activating stubborn abdomen fat cells.  By working out in high intensity intervals for 15-20 minutes a day, we can create results much faster and more effectively than other forms of exercise.

But what if there was one type of high intensity exercise even more powerful than others.  If you want to burn fat fast, you definitely want to add this to your workout regimen.  The exercise I'm referring to is jump roping.  Once upon a time, I made it a habit to jump rope on a regular basis.  I think I was doing it more for cardiovascular health than fat loss.  After sticking to my regimen, I noticed something while getting dressed.  For the first time ever I could clearly see my obliques.  Perplexed, I wondered why this was happening.  Core work was not a part of my routine.  Why were my abs visible?

Little did I know that my newly visible abs were a result of the fat loss brought on by consistent jump roping.  After checking out some videos on Youtube, I was made fully aware of the fat burning power of jump roping.  Once I learned the facts, I did a little test for myself.  Using a FitBit, I tracked the number of calories I burned after jumping rope for 1 minute.  A minute of jumping was around 10 calories. Some studies claim that jumping rope can burn around 13 calories a minute.  This means that we can burn 100 or more calories with only 10 minutes of work.   And because jump roping is considered high intensity, we'll continue to burn calories at a higher rate even after the workout is complete.

The past several days, I've started my morning with a jump roping session.  My motivation for staying consistent comes from my past results and listening to the testimonies of others who claim that they had to stop jump roping for fear that they were loosing too much weight.  Boxers love this type of workout to meet stringent weight class requirements.  If you want to see results fast, consider jump roping as a viable option.

If you have concerns with your joints or if you aren't fit enough to start jumping rope right away, your other alternative is rebounding.  I measured the amount of calories burned in a minute of rebounding and realized that it was around the same as jumping rope.  Ten minutes of bouncing while watching streaming tv was equivalent to 1000 steps/burning 100 calories.  Let's not forget the additional lymphatic benefits of bouncing on a rebounder.   Here's a testimony I found online that illustrates why rebounding is so awesome!
"Within only two weeks of rebounding, I saw positive changes in my body that the last three years of having a personal trainer had not achieved. The first things I noticed was my skin becoming tighter and toned on my whole body, including my face. My flexibility, coordination, and balance immediately improved. As I continued jumping, approximately 15 minutes a day, my considerable cellulite significantly diminished. The redness on my chest and neck has greatly diminished, and my skin now has a firmness and radiance that it had lost. It completely relieves the shoulder and neck tension that builds when I work on the computer, and has greatly reduced the frequency and duration of my headaches. The most recent discovery I've made is the significant lessening of the spider veins on my legs.I believe many of these improvements are due to the anti-inflammatory effects of an efficiently stimulated lymphatic system."
A piece of exercise equipment that also gives you beauty benefits is a must have.  I'll sometimes alternate between bouncing on the trampoline and jumping rope.  Both are similar exercises but jumping rope requires more physical effort because you don't have the bouncing effect to push you back up.

If any of you are considering getting a gym membership to shed winter pounds, perhaps you can get results faster by grabbing a $10.00 jump rope.

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  1. Thanks for this timely reminder about jumping rope! About a year ago, I got in the habit of jumping rope every day multiple times a day for a few minutes at a time, and I had never noticed so much definition in my legs ever before or since then. Although I run in the gym now, I haven't noticed the definition that I created jumping rope. The funny thing is, I exerted far less effort jumping rope and achieved so many gains. In fact, I didn't have much of a routine. I just jumped until I felt tired (no more than 5 minutes), a few times a day (as many as 5 times but usually only 3 times daily). All of this to say, I am going back to my jumping rope routine on top of my regular runs, and strength training. This article was just the reminder I needed!


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