We're back with another feature of legendary Instagrammers who deserve an immediate follow.  Today, we have Nikisha Brunson.  She's a contributor for the Urban Bush Babes, a mecca for lifestyle and natural hair inspiration.

The moment I stumbled onto her feed, I knew I was in for a treat.  At first glance, I could easily tell that Nikisha isn't just here to post an endless array of selfies.  Her feed is chock full of valuable content. And, best of all,  it's a perfect mix of style, natural health, & fitness inspo.  Of course, there are a few beauty tips sprinkled in as well.

I thoroughly enjoy her mini videos and in which she details the natural health products she currently loves.  Her desire to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is reminiscent of Sophia Roe. As much as I love her health-focused content, I'm also digging Nikisha's minimalist style aesthetic.

via @Nikishabrunson

One of my favorite of Nikisha's video shorts is this one where she gives us a run-down of the five supplements we should be taking every day.

Homegirl glows from the inside out.  It's a clear reminder to all that healthy eating, green smoothies, natural products, and  sweating regularly will pay off in a big way.  We need those reminders from time to time which is why you should follow Nikisha asap!

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