The 3 Ingredient Hair Mask that Everyone is Obsessed with

Hair Goals
We're entering into a new season.  Whenever fall rolls around, I always think about the status of my hair journey.  First of all, we're only left with 3 months before the year ends. So now is the time to get laser focused so we finish the year off strong. Secondly, hair growth rate slows so we need to do whatever necessary to promote length retention. 

The first action I've taken to combat winter hair woes is to restock on my favorite hydrating conditioner of all time.  Now that I have a brand new tub of Kanechom Shea Butter in my possession, I'm thinking about ways to balance its ultra moisturizing properties by pairing it with strengtheners. 

 I sent the mental energy into the atmosphere and the solution was soon revealed.
There's this 3 ingredient hair mask that kept showing up on my Pinterest feed.  Everyone was practically begging me to give this all natural hair mask a try.  If I simply mixed a combination of an egg, some mayo or coconut oil, and honey, all would be right with the world. 

Obviously, by taking a look at the ingredients, you can see that this is a protein strengthening treatment.  Eggs do a decent job of depositing protein on the hair strand providing a barrier of protection.  This is probably why you'll notice a tangible benefit following the treatment. 

Coconut oil has been shown to help your hair retain protein so adding it to the mix could help the newly deposited protein to "stick." 
Adding honey helps to balance out the mask by incorporating a moisture promoting ingredient.  This would, hopefully, help you avoid the unintended result of "protein hair" that feels stiff and unmanageable.
I'm going to experiment with this mask. But since my hair isn't really that damaged at the moment, I may tweak it a little.  I'll start by spreading out the frequency of how often I do this.  If your hair isn't breaking/shedding excessively, there's no need to make this a weekly thing.  Once a month or every 6 weeks might be more reasonable.

  Secondly, we need to include a little diversity in the types of protein we use in our regimen.  Egg-derived protein stays mainly on top of the strand due to its particle size. That's not a bad thing because protein on the exterior of the strand does serve its purpose.  But we should also remember to include hydrolyzed protein into our deep conditioning routines.  Hydrolyzed protein delivers small enough particles so that the interior of our strands is benefited.  The best approach is to experiment with incorporating both types of proteins and see how your hair responds.

Have any of you tried this mask yet? What's your final verdict?


  1. My hair has been breaking like crazy lately, partly my fault to be honest. I will definitely give this a shot, it came at the right time. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. I'm going to try this on my daughter's hair, the summer has definitely wrecked it with all the swimming and sweating:( thanks for sharing.


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