This Product Got Rid of Her Pimple in Hours

If I had a quarter for every time I suffered a breakout prior to an important event, I'd have a down payment for my beach villa.  It never fails, the exact moment where it's important to have flawless skin, a pesky pimple pops up.

In the past, I figured a few things that could help manage the inflammation.  But I had to make sure I caught it in time. None of my home remedies had the ability to destroy live acne in a matter of hours.

But, thanks to this Instagram Beauty Secret reveal, I've stumbled on a product that clears breakouts in no time.
 Never in all of my years of suffering did I think that skin scientists would develop a simple solution that gets rid of pimples fast.  So fast that if you woke up with a breakout this morning, you could be pimple free in time for date night.

Fun fact, when I met my husband, I had very active acne.  I was so embarrassed that I barely looked at him directly.  I remember giving him my number and thinking "I hope he's cute cause I really didn't get a good look at him."  Then I was like "it doesn't matter because he's never gonna call a girl with a face full of pimples anyway."  Luckily for me, he looked past my skin imperfections and by the time we met again, some of the blemishes had calmed down. But that took quite a while.

 Waiting for breakouts to subside seems to take forever. What if you don't have that kind of time?  Thanks to the advances in the beauty industry, we can now rely on blemish patches to save the day.

What exactly are blemish patches? Basically, they provide targeted pimple-fighting ingredients where you need it most.  The patch that we see Emmelie using contains volcanic ash to help unclog the pore, tea tree oil to fight the inflammation and salicylic acid to help up dry up the acne lesion.  Imagine having all of those acne-eliminating ingredients in one tiny little package, delivering its acne fighting power for hours.

While searching for alternatives, I found this brand which features hydrocolloid as it's hero ingredient.  Having never heard of it before, I did a little research.  One person described hydrocolloid patches as having the ability to absorb fluid from a pimple.  Once the moisture is absorbed, it's trapped within the gel contained in the patch for easier removal.  It's you've suffered from acne before, you know that the fluid trapped below the skin's surface is a bulk of the problem.  The old way of "removing the fluid" involved popping the pimple,  but that's only gonna leave you with an unsightly scar.  Since these patches cover the blemishes,  they help take away the temptation to pick. 

Perhaps, hydrocolloid patches can spare us from the heartache of discoloration long after the acne lesion is gone.  Where were these patches when I needed to lead a presentation at work with active breakouts?

But I'm not going to look back and think about what was.  Instead, I'll remain grateful that these patches exist.  And when the next breakout strikes, I'll be ready.

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