Working Out? Make Sure You Do This to Supercharge Your Hair Growth

I'm back and ready to discuss a wild theory.  I've been thinking a lot about this and wanted to share with you all.  The topic today is related to an article I wrote long ago.

Basically, I discussed the premise of how physical exercise could spark hair growth.  When the idea first crossed my mind,  I tried to validate it by searching for the personal experiences of others.  Sure enough, I read multiple accounts of folks who claimed to have experienced increased hair growth once these started working out regularly.

Heck, even Adriana Lima attested to it.

In researching the experiences of others, it was evident that some reaped the healthy hair rewards of exercise while others didn't.  Genetics is sometimes blamed as the culprit for the disparity. And they could be right. But I think there's another factor at play.
The weather is getting a bit warmer which means that a large number of you will be starting to prep for spring and summer.  You might be planning to start working out again.

That's great!  Soon, you'll experience higher energy levels and greater health.  But you know what else?  You might be setting yourself up to gain extra inches.  Yes, some people experienced an increase in growth rate once they started exercising regularly.

Here's a sample of what a few people had to say:

 "During my transition, I had some pretty good growth, I also happened to be working at a gym and worked out for an hour instead of taking a lunch break. I ate so much healthier too. Well those days are long gone and my hair is just inching along now."

"I'm back in the gym too and noticed a growth spurt. I got .5 inch in a little under 3 wks."

"Yea, when I was losing weight for the military my hair grew like no other, but then I wasn't take my vitamins, and not eating enough, and starting losing more calories, and not putting in nutrition, and my hair started thinning, but now I know what to do and what not to do...."

"It makes so much sense prior to my hair journey, I would exercise like a mad woman combined with fruits and vegetables and my hair was growing out of control versus, my roommate that exercised and didn't care about diet. I have to get on the diet part. It makes sense, in the summer, I eat right and the hair spurts." 

 Exercise and hair growth go hand in hand, IF you make sure to supply your body with a diet high in nutrients.  This sounds like basic information, but let me explain further.

When you're working out, your body practically breaks itself down to build back up again.  This is especially true if you're doing a lot of resistance training and toning up.  Obviously, the body needs access to a steady stream of nutrients to rebuild.  Meanwhile, we're cutting calories and eating less because we're trying to lose weight. Or, worse yet, we keep our diet the same thinking that working out will make up for it.

If you aren't careful, you might not be able to fully provide your body what it needs.  When that happens, you don't get access to the hair growing potential of exercise.  Or, you could get to the place where you actually experience some hair loss.  Why? Because your body allocates what little nutrients it gets towards the muscle and tissue.  Your hair will have to take a back seat.

On the flip side, if you make an effort to eat a highly nutritious diet, your body will have the resources to fuel muscles and have enough left over to feed the hair follicles.   This is just a theory but doesn't it make sense?

 We're already experiencing increased blood flow to the scalp, why not ensure that our body has adequate nutrition to deliver the nutrients to the scalp instead of having to ration it for other, more important, tasks.  We want to make sure there's enough nutrition to go around.

So if you're planning on being more active in the near future, make sure to you're boosting up your diet as well.  Add healthy fats like avocado and nuts.  Be sure to get enough protein. Load up on large green salads and hydrate with beverages that also nourish your strands like bamboo tea.  Instead of focusing mainly on cutting calories, make it your aim to give your body a surplus of nutrients and see what you can experience in return.

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  1. Oooh this is right on time. I just started a 21-day boot camp challenge. And it’s intense. But I’m loving it so far. Glad this will be another benefit.


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