The Unlived Life You Desire Is Possible If You Overcome This.

Take a moment and reflect back on the goals you set for 2018.  How's the progress going? Do you feel like you're steadily working towards the realization of your desires?  If this isn't the case.  I'd like to suggest a solution that will unlock your ability to accomplish all of your goals.

The one thing that stands between you and what you want is resistance.  Our job is to identify then dismantle our resistance so it no longer stands in the way of what we want.
Imagine yourself standing in front of a brick wall. And on the other side of the wall is everything that you desire.  As long as the wall remains, you will struggle to experience your manifestation.

People give lots of reasons for why they haven't achieved their goals, but if we take a look at the root cause, we'll see that resistance is the underlying issue.

I'll share a few examples.

  • You're struggling to lose those 15 lbs that you've talked about.  You say you'll work out on a certain day/time. But when the time comes, you don't go.
  • You're working on growing your side income but when it comes to having to market yourself, or your business online, you avoid taking the action.
  • You express a desire to expand your social life but you decline opportunities to spend time outside the comfort of your home. 
  • There's work you've been putting off. You keep saying that you'll do it at a certain time, but you don't follow through.
Basically, anything that you said you'd do (or should be doing) but aren't, is the result of resistance.  It's like the invisible forcefield that holds us back. Our job is to identify its existence, determine what's fueling it, then obliterate (or dismantle it).  

Obliterate and dismantle are two very different terms.  One means to immediately destroy, while the other alludes to a consistent taking apart of something.  Ideally, we should strive to obliterate our resistance but sometimes our hesitation runs deep and eliminating it requires more work.  

So how does one start the process of removing resistance?  Essentially, you have two options.
1. You can acknowledge it exists then decide to ignore it.
2. Or you can work to marginalize its power/control over you.  

Ignoring resistance is ideal because, each time you do so, it becomes less of a factor the next time it appears.  If you condition yourself to go to the gym even if you don't feel like it, you'll notice that resistance will eventually go away.  

The only advice I have for you on the subject of ignoring resistance is to remind yourself that this is what you wanted.  When you start engaging in that action, you will feel a surge of confidence for having overcome internal resistance.  

We've all been there before.  We dread starting on a certain task, but when we actually sit down and do the work, we realize that it isn't that bad as once thought and we're proud of ourselves for tackling it. 

Dismantling resistance takes a bit more effort.  It's like having the task to eat something disgusting, but instead of swallowing it whole, you opt to eat it with a fork and knife bite by bite. 

 Understanding the drivers of your resistance isn't a bad thing, it just extends the process which could delay the realization of your goal.  

Sometimes this means taking baby steps instead of charging directly at your goal.  I've used the method of taking the path of least resistance by choosing to implement small, easy actions instead of the tasks that generate the most internal resistance.  For instance, driving to gym might seem undesirable, so I'll do a few minutes of movement on the trampoline instead.  I haven't fully overcome my resistance, but I still follow through on my desire to get some physical activity into my day.  

Any time you say you want to do something, but you don't follow through, know that resistance is the culprit.  Knowing the source of your inaction is half the battle.  From there, we just have to decide if we will ignore or disarm it.  A great book on the top is Steven Pressfield's The War of Art.  He discusses at length how resistance cripples those who involved in creative roles (like writers or artists).  Anytime you want to create ANYTHING, know that resistance will rear its ugly head.  We can't let it linger too long because that will allow it to gain power.  Its job is to stop you. Your job is to keep moving. 

This week, notice anytime resistance shows up.  Instead of mindlessly following along, try to see what small action you can implement that weakens the power of resistance in your life.  This is so important.  

Resistance is what is standing between the life you have now and the "unlived life" you desire.

  The ability to break down resistance is a skill that will allow you to experience pretty much anything you want. 


  1. Tfs...seeing and reading on topics such as these help "resistance enablers" like myself to keep pushing until this is no longer the case.

  2. This is easily the best post i have read on tackling resistance which is a major challenge for most creative souls. Thank you Nadege


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