"Skin Snacking" What I'm munching on to create healthy, glowing skin

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I'm a compulsive snacker.  When I'm bored, I'll reach for whatever's available.  Typically that means something sugary and devoid of nutrition.  But now I'm thinking about spring skin goals and I've made the conscious decision snack on foods that'll feed my skin from within.

I'm trying to keep everything easy & effortless. So basically, I plan to keep snack options around that I can feast on knowing that they'll bring me closer to my skin goals.  Here's the list I've compiled so far.

Goji Berries: Vitamin C, Protein, Amino Acids.
First and foremost, I'm stocking up on goji berries.  There are a myriad of reasons why goji berries top my list of snacks that'll feed my skin.  First, these berries are loaded with vitamin C, trace minerals, and antioxidants.  A lot of fruits have similar qualities but goji berries are one of the few fruits with a high protein and high amino acid content. You know what that means? Because they're rich in protein and amino acids, goji berries could classify as a healthy hair snack.  Also, the protein content helps make it a satisfying snack that helps curb my hunger. What I love most about goji berries is that they're not too sweet like dried cranberries or raisins.  This probably means that they don't spike my blood sugar as much their dried fruit counterparts.

Honestly, if you aren't hip to the goodness of the amazing goji berry, it's time that you're finally let in on the secret.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes: Hyaluronic Acid
Another of my healthy skin snacks is the wonderful Japanese sweet potato. They're cheap and highly nutritious. And compared to your typical sweet potato, they have fewer carbs and lower calories. These sweet potatoes supply our skin with valuable hyaluronic acid.  To refresh your memory, hyaluronic acid provides internal lubrication for the skin and body.  The more of it we have, the more "moisturized" we become.  There are a million serums on the market with this necessary ingredient.  Yes, I'll continue to slather HA serums on every day but if I can give my body direct access to HA via my diet, why not?

Also, I've enjoyed these potatoes in the past and they are very filling.  Perfect if you want a mid-day snack but want to save all of your calories for dinner.

Sunflower Seeds: Vitamin E
I don't take a vitamin E supplement. But I probably should because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.  The alternative is to up my vitamin E intake via my snack options.  This will be pretty easy because I love munching on almonds, sunflower seeds, olives and such.  I just have to keep more of it around.

Dark Chocolate: Flavonoids, Antioxidants
When my sweet tooth kicks in, my secret weapon is 85% pure dark chocolate.  Enjoying a piece of dark chocolate feels like a treat but I'm also rewarding myself with skin loving flavanoids. From a healthy skin standpoint, we already know that the active ingredient in pure chocolate has a positive influence on the skin's elastin.  A high-quality piece of dark chocolate satisfies our sweet tooth but isn't obnoxiously sweet.  It's great for when you're trying to retrain your taste buds away from sugary snacks.  The higher the percentage of dark chocolate, the better.

Seaweed Sheets: Vitamins & Minerals
Another snack that I plan to have laying around are crispy seaweed sheets.  Not only do I love the way they taste, but I appreciate the fact that they contain vitmain C, A, E, calcium, and B vitamins.  They also have a lot of sodium which means that I have to increase my water intake.

We've already established that sometimes our body will trick us into eating when we're actually hungry.  So I'm making a conscious effort to drink liquids that support glowing, beautiful skin.  I'm pretty much going to focus on consuming several cups of green tea + bamboo tea on a daily basis.  I've also reinstituted chlorophyll water to help facilitate detoxing from the inside out.

This is the list I came up with after a quick brainstorm session. If these foods aren't your cup of tea, feel free to come up with your own roster of nutritionally dense snacks that contribute to your overall beauty goals.  Again, the purpose is to achieve our ideal outcome with as little effort as possible.  Eating nutritious foods that we love is the epitmone of effortless. Let's keep plenty of these healthy snacks around so we can feed our skin a little bit each and every day.


  1. What is your morning and night routine? In terms of products like cleanser, toner, moisturizer, treatment serum, etc. Could you share please? :)

  2. Great tips!



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