This is what Lori Harvey Drinks to Stay Summer Ready

You guys know that I'm always up for a good beauty secret reveal.  Usually, around this time of year, we get glimpses of not only beauty tips, but summer body secrets as well.  Last year, Brittany Hampton filled us in on her favorite "skinny tea" tonic.  It turned out that her beverage wasn't really a  tea at all. Instead, it was a concoction of various juices that helped stimulate circulation while helping to keep her waistline in check.

Today, I bring you yet another "fit tonic" reveal.  This one is brought to you by model Lori Harvey.  On Snapchat, she let us in on a couple of her favorite fit drinks to get ready for summer. We'll discuss one of those drinks today.  The other I'll share in an upcoming Instagram Beauty Secret Roundup.
The beverage is sold by a brand called Tea Tonic.  I've seen other products of theirs in my recent trips to Marshall's.  Lori's caption tells us plainly not to say that she never put us on.  This is her way of stating that she was letting us in on her little secret on staying slim.
Not taking the moment for granted, I quickly grabbed a screenshot then proceeded to look into this "skinny body" body tonic a little further.  According to their website, I LOVE MY SKINNY BODY is here to help boost our metabolism, reduce cravings and stabilize blood sugar levels.  It's also infused with the taste of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla to help satisfy your urges for sugary snacks.

One ingredient from Lori's tonic that I hadn't heard of before was gymnema sylverstre.  Basically, this herb has the ability "numb your glucose receptors to the taste of sugar."  If you were to put a little of the herb on your tongue, then ate something sweet, you wouldn't detect the sweetness of your snack. This helps curb our desire for sweets because the reward of the sugary taste in your mouth wouldn't exist. Not only that, the herb also has the ability to block sugar receptors internally which means that your body doesn't realize that it's receiving sugar as an energy source.  Because it helps block the absorption of sugar, your body will then promote the use of fat for energy.  The herb pretty much works on two levels.  For one, your craving for sweets should be diminished. If you do indulge in sweets, gymnema could help lessen the impact of a potential blood sugar spike.

This is exceptionally important when it comes to weight management because elevated blood sugar levels trigger the body to store fat.  Blood sugar management is a critical component of weight management. This is why other blood sugar lowering tonics, like apple cider vinegar, are effective allies in your weight loss journey.

Substituting a healthy beverage in the place of a sugary snack is a smart move.  Especially, if you're prone to reach for sweets.  Not only are you eliminating unnecessary calories, you could be giving your body added benefits.  For example, gymnema is said to help lower cholesterol and was shown to lower inflammation in studies done on rats. We all know that inflammation is the root of all evil so anything that helps manage that evil tyrant is all right in my book.  Aside from the Love My Skinny Body drink, you can also get gymnema in tea form or go for the capsules.

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