Daily Muscle Activation // A Key Anti-Aging Strategy

Today I want to talk about a really important topic.  I've discussed this before but it's time to bring the conversation back once again.  As I prepare to celebrate another birthday, I've made a commitment to incorporate wellness habits that will serve me well as I age.

I mentioned in the article on lymph massage that I've been on a mini-weight loss journey.  As of this morning, I've lost 5lbs.  Pretty good right?  As the weight comes off, one thing becomes increasingly clear. My body is changing.  Yes, it's getting smaller....but something else is happening behind the scenes.

I'm losing muscle.  And I've been doing so for over a decade. Sure, I'm able to fit in the same pair of jeans that I wore years ago, but my body composition is now very different.  Although I'm considered a slim person, I'm fattier than I used to be.

I'm not fat per se,
I'm fatty.
Does that make sense?

If you're reading this article, and you're over the age of 30, you're probably in the same boat as I am.  Still in your twenties? Pay close attention, because may soon find yourself experiencing the same issue.  Basically, my body slowly is replacing muscle with fat.  It's a natural process of muscle atrophy that everyone goes through starting at the age of 30.  The only way to combat this natural process is to build muscle through physical activity and strength training.

The problem is that I've very inconsistent with gym visits.  I make sure to go for long walks 3-4 days a week but fitting in a full body workout seems to be a challenge.  I need a way to incorporate movements that stimulate specific muscle groups on a daily basis.


Several years ago I was on a beauty forum where someone reached out to the community to ask what exercises were best to help tone and lift her butt.  One response, in particular, caught my attention.  The woman was in her 40's and admitted that she was out of shape and carried a little extra weight.  But, she consistently did a set of exercises every day that focused on keeping her butt toned.   Because of her diligence, she proudly proclaimed that her butt was the best part of her body.  By simply doing a few sets of movements that targeted a specific body part, she was able to retain and actually build muscle.

Today, I've decided to incorporate a Daily Muscle Activation ritual that I hope I can do for the rest of my life.  My dad is in his 70's and has a 6 pack.  Why? Because he works out religiously.  He's nurtured his muscles for decades.  I'd like to nurture my muscles by implementing a simple and consistent daily practice.

Basically, it'll consist of a full body "workout" that I can do in a few minutes on a daily basis.

I use the term "workout" very loosely.  It'll be a series of movements that stimulate and activate all of my large muscle groups (especially where fat tends to accumulate).  Yes, diet is the best method for burning fat but this practice isn't really meant for fat loss. It's specifically designed to stimulate and bring blood flow to the muscle cells.

Here are the main areas of focus for my daily routine:
-Arms (biceps/triceps)
-Chest (pushups)
-Waist (waist whittler)
-Transerve Abdominals (stomach vacuum, planks)
-Lower Back
-Glutes (squats, kickbacks, donkey kicks)
-Inner/Outer Thigh
-Kegals to strengthen our pelvic floor

This list may look like a lot but the idea is to run through a set of short exercises for each muscle group within the span of 15-20 minutes.  It's not a full workout per se. Just a way to engage and target those muscles daily.  The idea is to keep the session quick and simple so it easily fits into my routine.

I'm clear on the fact that this isn't on the same level as doing a full-body strength training session. Weight training still needs to happen if I want to resculpt my body.  The purpose of this Muscle Activation Routine is to essentially slow down the muscle loss that's happening as we speak!

The idea is to start by doing the bare minimum.  Today, I did a round of muscle activation exercises which was easy to execute. There should be no resistance in doing it again tomorrow.  I'll keep it simple for the first week then raise the level of intensity slightly next week.  The point is just to do this consistently.  To let the muscles know that they're valued and very much needed.

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