{First Impressions} A review of my Riiviva Microderm Abrasion Tool

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My hands are shaking with excitement as I type this post. Just minutes ago, I had the pleasure of having a first experience with my Riiviva personal microderm tool. Some might call me crazy for buying a $300.00 microderm kit when I already owned a perfectly operating one that cost less. Yes. Crazy might be the right word but, to tell you the truth, buying the Riiviva might have been the smartest decision I've made.

The reason why I chose the Riiviva is because, much like professional microdermabrasion tools, it has a genuine diamond tip. My other one has a something that looks like sand paper disc that spins.  So already, I'm winning with regards to the performance quality.  With my other tool, the tips had to be replaced fairly frequently (after 3-4 uses).  These diamond tips can be used for up to six months.  The craftsmanship of the Riiviva tool just can not be compared to the PMD.

The kit itself comes with three diamond tips in various levels of coarseness (fine, medium, and coarse).  I also realized that they have an special set of diamond tips made especially for acne scarring.  Those have immediately been deposited unto my Amazon wish list. As as novice, I begin with the fine grade on a low setting.  First I cleansed my skin using my Clarisonic Pro then I toned my skin using apple cider vinegar.  Once my skin was dry, I began.

On the lowest setting, I observed the Riiviva tool to see how it operates. The tip itself doesn't spin or anything. The buzzing sound I was hearing was due to the suctioning power.  I put my finger on the tip and immediately felt the suction.  Next I cautiously put in on my skin and began to exfoliate.  The suctioning power is consistent yet powerful.  With every pass, I could see my skin actually being exfoliated which was really exciting.

(changing the filter of the Riivia. Wearing Essie Sand Tropez nail color).

Within minutes I completed my first microderm session.  Since it was my first pass, I was overly cautious and made sure I didn't apply too much pressure or over exfoliate.  After the process was completed, I reapplied acv as a toner because my skin felt like it needed balancing once again.  I was astonished when I realized that my cotton pad was "dirtier" after toning the second time around.

Right now, my skin feels so smooth, I can barely stand it.  Every few moments I have an urge to touch my face, it just feels so nice.  Lady Dee would kill me if she knew how much I touched my face in the last 20 minutes. Overall, my skin looks fresher & healthier. I have that "I just got a professional facial" glow. I can't wait to see how my skin looks after I've applied sunscreen & makeup.   I know for a fact, that by the time I have to replace my tips, my acne scars will be much lighter (if not gone).  It's not just the scarring that draws me to this product, but my skin looks healthier overall.  Even if I had zero scars, I'd still use my Riiviva for brighter, younger looking skin.

I should also mention that I'll save hundreds of dollars by using my Riiviva versus paying for professional treatments.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm headed to off make me a loaded smoothie so my new skin cells are as healthy as possible.    


  1. Hi, may i know where do you get it from? :)

  2. Hey love, Would you still recommend this machine now or some other newer ones I found on Amazon. Thanks for you're reply😊

  3. There are sooooo many other microdermabrasion kits on Amazon! They look much more powerful that Riiviva. Would you want to try them?


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