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Finally, I reached a point where I needed something to keep my lipsticks organized, and most importantly, avoid having them take up valuable space in my makeup organizer.  Of course the logical next action was to pick up one of these gorgeous acrylic lipstick holders.

After a few moments of contemplation, I opted for one that could hold up to 24 items.  Although I don't (yet) own 24 lipsticks, I thought it best to leave a little room for future expansion.

Meanwhile, I made adequate use of the leftover space by organizing by portable fragrances and other cylinder shaped beauty items.  This organizer is perfection.  Best of all, it takes up very little counter space (smaller than my Ipad mini) & it's pretty to look at.

I didn't think it would come to this, but I suspect I'll be picking up yet another makeup organizer tower to compliment my first purchase.  Those things fill up so quickly.

The thought of owning 24 lipsticks is a big deal for me.  For years I had this complex about my lips.  I had no appreciation for them at all. They're two toned and I always believed that wearing lipstick would draw too much attention to them.  If I ever bought a color, it would pretty much be nude or look like I had nothing on.  Thank God, I released that old way of thinking. Now I'm constantly on the look out for gorgeous colors that compliment & also showcase my full lips.


One anther note.....

 After being on the road all week, I returned home to find a special surprise waiting.

Awww yeah!  My conditioning iron has finally made its way home to me.  I'm elated to give this baby a test drive over the weekend.  Be on the look out for a first impressions post within the next few days.

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  1. Would love to see what your make-up storage looks like. I'm a total voyeur about things like that!


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