I realize that, at times, I get all excited when something new comes into my life. Then I move on to the next shiny toy.  So I decided to slow down a little a give a few brief updates on a few of a my previous posts to get everyone up to speed.

Beef Liver Capsules// I completed my first bottle of beef liver pills and finally added my second bottle (actually I picked up 4 bottles 'cause they were on sale).  After reading this article that shows the high amounts of copper, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, Folic Acid, B12, and so much more, I knew I had stumbled upon gold.  It's like a mini-multi vitamin but in a natural food source.  I have the sneaking suspicion that our bodies assimilate nutrients from food sources better than manufactured synthetic supplements. Which is why I prefer to include super foods like beef liver in my diet.  

 Clarisonic Pro// I had to get a little used to the power and intensity of my beloved Clarisonic.  My skin's oil production seemed to increase along with my skin's cell turnover.  I've received more compliments on my skin in the past few weeks than I've ever had in life (mind you, I still have scarring).  Then one day, my Pro's battery needed to be charged.  I thought to myself, "no worries, I still have my other one I can use."  Then I used it and instantly realized why I the pro version cost extra.  Immediately I could tell the difference in power between the two.  To be honest, I was severely disappointed after my cleansing session and couldn't wait for my Pro to charge up so I could use it again.  I've been spoiled.

 Coconut Vinegar// My hair is throughly enjoying the addition of coconut vinegar to the rotation.  I mix a little with distilled water and MSM to create a mix that I use as the first step to my L.C.O moisturizing routine.  Coconut vinegar seems to be slightly milder than apple cider vinegar while giving some of the same great benefits.  My hair thoroughly enjoys coconut vinegar which has quickly become part of my staple products.

Riiviva//  I made the plunge on the Riiviva because I think it could pay for itself in savings of getting professional skin treatments.  Honestly, I enjoy professional treatments but I'm developing a new strategy where I experiment with unique facial treatments meant to elevate the skin, not just deal with issues.  I can't wait to talk more about this in subsequent posts.

Moisturizing Flat Iron//  Yeah. I tried holding out for as long as I could on getting one of those fancy moisturizing irons I talked about a week ago.  Finally, I gave into my desires and made the right decision.  It's not here yet so I will sit cross-legged on my front porch twiddling my thumbs until the postman arrives with my new baby.

Kanechom// My love affair with Kanechom conditioners is still going strong.  There's nothing I love more than my Kanechom conditioners.  That is all.

Glam Glow//  Remember those two containers of "facials in a jar I raved about?"
Some time has passed and, I must say, that I would certainly repurchase.  I find myself using the clearing treatment (white jar) more frequently than the tingling mask (black jar) and I suspect that I'll run out of it first.  Whenever I've been naughty and not taken care of my skin, I reach for one of those little jars and all is right with the world.


  1. Are those masks good for seborrhea dermatitis? I think you mentioned in a post a while back that you had this. I also have it - since the summer and managed to get it under control via some products by Dr. Bailey SKin care (www.drbaileyskincare.com). I thought that with dermatitis that it's difficult to use anything with anti-aging ingredients in it, like alpha hydroxy acid or salicylic acid? But those masks look interesting…...

  2. Check out the Foreo Luna www.foreo.com it's better than the clarisonic.

  3. Hi Shika,
    I manage my dermatitis through the consistent use of ACV as a toner. In the past, I wouldn't dare use a drying product on my face. Now, I can do so without concern.

  4. i have a question i hope you answer i have been freaking out. i have been using olive oil for a while now in my hair as a sealant and moisturizer as wel as an motions marula natural therapy hair and scalp oil.

    i am new to this whole healthy hair thing and i have been co washing and conditioning as much as i can due to my hectic schedule.

    i relaxed a few days ago after 6/7 weeks and my hair has been shedding like crazy my stylist told me she thinks its from the oils but that cant be . idk what other reasons my hair could be shedding for its freaking me out

    please SOS


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