{Grow Gorgeous} Pea Sprout Hair Growth Serum now available

Not sure if you remember but I wrote a post a while back about the merits of pea sprout extract in regards to hair growth. A study was done where men and women were asked to apply a gel which contained pea sprout extract to their scalp twice a day for twelve weeks.  At the end of the study, the participants were asked to give their feedback on the experience.  95% of the participants noted a slight to strong improvement in the amount of hair loss they experienced compared to before the study.  85% of them said they noticed an increase in hair re/growth.  One of the astonishing things about the pea sprout extract is it's ability to keep hair in the growing phase of it's life cycle much longer.

After writing that post, I introduced pea sprouts into my diet and began to wait patiently for the day when a product would go on the market.  Well, my friends, it seems like that day has arrived.  Design Essentials has launched a product called Nutriment Rx Pea Sprout cream which is a daily hairdress that boasts of having the ability to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth.

Next we have a new product just launched called Grow Gorgeous hair growth serum which contains bio-active pea sprout, hyaluronic acid, soy sprout and wheat sprout.  This serum claims to have the ability to boost hair density by 13% within four months while minimizing hair loss which allows the hair to grow longer.   If the claims are true, I can see this product being a life saver for women who are battling postpartum shedding.  Since we are in shedding season, Grow Gorgeous can play a huge part of someone's Winter regimen. Unfortunately for some of us, Grow Gorgeous is only currently available to our sisters in the U.K. via the Boots.com website.  Those of us in the U.S. have access to Design Essential's Nutriment Rx.  I'll also keep my eyes and ears open for new pea sprout based products as they come on the market.

Then of course there's the good ole fashion pea sprout.  The source of all this hair growing goodness.  I have direct access to pea sprouts by picking them up at my local Whole Foods store.   I like them raw on my sandwiches otherwise I toss them in my juicer.  While I'm certain that adding microgreens into my diet is giving me nutritional benefits, I'm not sure what it's doing to directly benefit my hair with regards to shedding.  Seems like the people on the study got benefits from topical application.  I've pondered the prospect of using wheat grass & pea sprout juice topically but never took the plunge.  Now I feel like I should finally stop being lazy and see what happens.


  1. I am not having shedding issues but my hair grows soooo slow. I want to help is grow faster. Would this help?

  2. I taking to do the four yearly relaxers thing but have trouble find alternative products.

  3. Awesome information to know. Thanks for sharing. I was unaware of pea sprout benefits.
    Divachyk@Relaxed Thairapy

  4. Wow I'm surprised grow gorgeous is available in boots. Sounds like a great product, I am very tempted to purchase it.

  5. I'm from the US and I want to use that Grow Gorgeous Pea Sprout Hair Growth Serum so badly. Can any of my UK girls send this to me please (.^_^.)

  6. does it work for men?


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