{Heaven Scented} A DIY technique for creating your own scented candles.

If I could have candles burning at all times, I would.  There's nothing like walking into a room and being greeted with one of your favorite fragrances.  This year I must have purchased over a dozen candles (at least). And that's not counting the ones I received as gifts for my birthday.    One issue I'm having is how much clutter they're creating.  I've got candle jars all over the place.

So, I decided to look at my obsessive candle habit and totally restructure it in a way that's much more effective than before.   It all started when I found this amazing scented candle at my local Marshall's store. It was Tangerine & Vanilla from Yankee Candle brand.  I adored the candle. It didn't take long for me to burn through it since it was always burning in my office.  "Ok, no big deal," I thought, "I'll just buy another one to replace it."  That's when I learned that my beloved candle was discontinued.

Panicked, I decided to search feverishly online for a replacement.  Finally, I came up with two options.

1.] Pay an outrageous "discontinued" price to replace my candle.
2.] Pick up the scented oil.

Of course, I picked up the scented oil to use in my oil burner.  That idea worked well until I was struck with an even better option.   I have this fascination with candle burners that hold tea lights while creating a nice glowing feel to the room.  Yesterday I decided that instead of using my oil burner,  which requires water to warm up the oil, I would add a few drops of oil directly to the tea light prior to lighting it. 

As the tea light liquefies, it sends the fragrance into the air just like a candle would.  For me, this technique actually creates a stronger scent than if I used my oil burner.

I love this method so much that I think I'll finally be able to curb my candle addiction.  Once these Voluspa candles are finished, I'm going to also use them as tea light holders.

From now on, whenever I find a scent that I love, I'll check to see if it's available as a fragrance oil.  They usually cost less than a quality candle yet these little 1oz bottles last such a long time.  Just a couple of drops was all it took to create enough scent to fill my small office.

I'm going to save a ton of space and money using this new method (tea lights are super cheap).  Plus I prefer the look of the "glowing light" versus looking at a bare candle flame. It sets a certain mood.


  1. What a great idea, I need to try this x

  2. That's a really great idea!! I'm going to pick upa few of my favorite oils from bath and body works and try this diy


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