How a roller with metal pins creates healthy skin & hair

I got a thing.  And I want to share it with you.  It's pretty nifty and can help me in both my hair and skin care journey.  You may remember a post I wrote on my plan on dealing with my acne scars. In that post, I mentioned the use of derma rollers to promote cell turnover and the generation of new skin cells.

I love the derma roller but sometimes I'm a little apprehensive about using it. Because it actually pierces the skin, I have to be conscious of maintaining high standards when it comes to keeping things hygienic.  This means, I have to sterilize the instrument to avoid skin issues.

I wanted something different that I can use every day but with similar benefits. I find that if I have to do something every day, I'm more consistent versus if I  use it once/twice a week.  Then one day I stumbled on this video.

Tonya demonstrated the use of a roller with pins that is similar to the dermal roller except that it doesn't pierce the skin.  I instantly knew I wanted one.  My skin responds well to vigorous stimulation.  Things like facial massage, skin brushing, the Clarisonic pro, have all be well received.  So I knew that I'd benefit from this rolling pin thingy.

Just when I thought things couldn't get better, I saw this video.

Am I seeing things or did I see this woman roll a bed of pins on her scalp?  Suddenly I was filled with wonder and excitement mixed with a little caution.  I'm an avid supporter of scalp massages.  I've even shared the benefits of scalp brushing.  Could this be the next level of scalp stimulation?

Fast forward a couple of weeks and my roller with the pins arrives.  I use it carefully on my skin for fear of inflicting pain on myself.  Instantly, I realized just how gentle this tool is.  It feels incredibly comfortable as I roll it up and down my face.  I experiment with different levels of pressure.  It feels nice.  My husband sees it and inquires about it's purpose. I tell him what I plan on doing with it.  He gives it a try. Minutes later he's still using it.  After I finally have it back in my possession I carefully test it on my hair.  Fear creeps up in me as I wonder if it will get tangled and rip out an entire section of hair as I try to dislodge it from my scalp.

I gently roll it on my scalp and begin to enjoy the tingling sensation as my scalp receives the stimulation.  Much to my surprise and wonder, the tool is extremely gentle on my hair. No snagging, no ripping, nothing.  It's even more gentle then when I use a brush to stimulate.  I'm amazed.  I've used it several times on my hair without one single casualty.  I'm pleased.  I've decided to get one more from ebay so I don't have to use the same one on my face and on my scalp.  Turns out that they come in two different sizes. I bought a small one for my face. The large one will be perfect for scalp rolling.

I love the feeling of experiencing blood flow after a rolling session.  Anytime blood flow increases to an area, good things happen.  Thank you, Tonya, for sharing this amazing find with us.

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  1. Wow this seems intriguing, I found amazing result with most of the products you recommend. I would love to try this on my face however i am concern about using it on my hair as I have natural hair and my texture is 4a/b/c.


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