Fitness Inspo | Summer Bodies are made in Winter

I experienced a bit of an epiphany yesterday I thought would be important to share.  After reflecting on how to manage all of the things I try to fit into my busy schedule, I realized that I was doing everything wrong.  Before dawn, I try to fit in as many activities as I can including blogging, personal development, filling orders, etc. By the time the evening comes, I'm pretty much exhausted.

With all of that on my plate, something usually gets placed on the back burner. Most often it's exercise that suffers.  Then I try to make up for it by fitting in workouts when it's convenient, like on the weekends.  There's something inherently wrong with that way of thinking.
Here's what I realized. The stuff I was putting as a priority instead of working out could have been batched and done all at once.  Where as exercise & meditation requires action consistently throughout the week (if not every day) to achieve the most benefit. I can't miss a full week of exercise and hope to make up for it on the weekend.  It doesn't work that way.

So now I'm committed to doing things differently.  Everything I do in the mornings which can be done ahead of time (without consequence)  will be shifted to evenings and weekends.  This will free up space for the most essential daily rituals.  No longer will I have to worry about trying to do everything while allowing my fitness fall by the wayside.

This new way of thinking will allow me to remain consistent and ultimately reach my fitness goals.  No more running to the gym to make up for days (or weeks) of inactivity.  Now I will manage my time in a way that will allow me to be fully ready for summer instead trying to "get ready" like I've done in previous years.

Now. Right now, is the time to plant the seed that will create the future you want 3-4 months from now.  How do you want your body to look by summer?


  1. I'm trying to lose 30lbs by the summer/June. I've already lost about 5lbs so I'm on my way.


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