Can Wearing Red transform you into an International Woman of Mystery?

I own a single red dress.  It's a strapless A-Line dress that I only wear to company Christmas parties.  Definitely a statement piece.  Other than that, there's nothing red in my closet.  Red's just not a color that I think I can pull off.  Something about the color red seemed a bit too intense..too striking.

Perhaps I'm uncomfortable with what Adweek calls "The Red Dress Effect."  A woman in red, according to the article, is viewed as more physically attractive.  This effect is so powerful that the simple act of posting a picture of yourself wearing red on your dating profile pic will cause more potential suitors to click than if you chose to wear another color.
Red loaded with power and femininity. The woman who confidently wears red is completely at ease with who she is and the message of power she broadcasts to those around her.  I've always been a tad bit weary of attracting that much attention.  The red "Christmas" dress gave me first hand experience how others behave when a woman is draped in red.  Last weekend, I wore a bold red lip after being inspired by this post. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple of lingering stares and double takes from strangers.  Maybe I'm being paranoid, or perhaps people instinctively have a reaction to a woman who wears one of the most striking of colors.  By the way, this also works the other way around. A man in red is seen as more attractive to female potential suitors.

For years, I've intentionally stayed away from wearing red, but now that I'm more comfortable in my own skin, perhaps I'll incorporate more red accessories into my life.  Maybe a red handbag or a great pair of heels.  Maybe I'll go crazy and purchase another red dress to wear on non-national holidays.

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