Monday Motivation | Are you feeding your goals?

Today we're keeping with the theme of finishing 2015 strong.  Hopefully some of you have decided to take on a personal 90 day challenge.  Recently, I received an email from a reader who asked me about how to stay motivated into taking action (and staying in action).

Here's the thing.  Goals are new outcomes we want to bring into our lives.  This means that they don't currently exist.  They don't currently exist partially because the current environment does allow for it.  This means that we have to be very deliberate to bring about these new goals into the current environment.  That isn't easy to do.  It's like trying light a flame in an oxygen deprived environment.  Unless you oxygen exits, the flame will be snuffed out.  And that, my friends, is what happens to our goals.

One thing that has helped me tremendously in my journey is the ability to keep fueling and feeding my desires until they finally become solidified in reality.   You've got to do the same.  Give your goals no choice but to happen.  Here's how.

One of the classic techniques legendary goal achievers use to remind them of their goals is to write them down every day.  This serves as a daily reminder to you that you're on a mission.  When you re-write your goals every day, you're taking the first step which is to put your mental energy towards the desired outcome.  Some super achievers like Grant Cardone rewrite their goals both morning and night.

For me, writing goals doesn't raise my vibration enough.  I need a little something more.  So when I need a burst of inspiration, I seek visual stimulation. This means heading over to Youtube and watching motivational videos.  Which videos do I watch?  It just depends on what's going on.  But if I seek it out daily, I get a dose of motivational nutrition that feeds my actions.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did an alternative version of writing my goals daily.  Whenever I sat in a meeting or had to endure a long drive, I would craft out my MASTER PLAN.  At the time, my MASTER PLAN is what needed to happen in order for me to escape corporate america.  Now, I'm working on a new plan. And I still write down steps that need to happen in order to bring it into reality.

Other ways to stay in action includes surrounding yourself with like minded people.  The people you communicate with on a regular basis should talk about and do similar things as you. They should be on their own journey, or at the least, really support what you do.  If you don't have anyone like that in your life, go find 'em.  Attend Meetups, watch videos,  get a coach. Do whatever it takes. This is the precious oxygen your goal need to survive.  Listen, we behave in accordance to our level of belief.  If you don't have people in your circle doing what you want, then your level of belief is likely to be low.  I too had a low level of belief, so I sought out people who were living the reality I desired.  And It worked like a charm.

Another way to feed your goals is to spend money!  You heard me correctly.  It's my belief that if you aren't investing any money into your desired outcome, you don't really want it as much as you say you do.  Money represents a measure of value.  Things we deem valuable, we're willing to exchange more money for it.  If it's not valuable to us, we don't buy it.  If there's a goal that you want to reach, but haven't invested any money towards it, you're subliminally categorizing it as not valuable.

 My favorite example of this is how I obtained my car.  For years, I had a picture of it on my screen saver & vision board.  I even test drove the car a couple of times and even took video of myself driving it. Three, four, five years passed and still no car.   Sure, that visualizing did help a little but it's a low vibrational action compared to when I opened a new bank account for the car and put $200.00 away each paycheck with the clear intention of buying the car.  Suddenly,  intensity levels around getting the car was elevated.  It wasn't long before I stumbled on an amazing deal on the car I drive now.    I firmly believe that putting money where my goals were is what moved that intention from desire to reality.  I have some really lofty goals in my business and recently stepped out of my comfort zone to invest a very large financial investment into coaching.  I'm already seeing huge results from taking that action.

Sometimes, we let money stop us from having what we want. And that can be a big mistake.  I'm not talking about going into debt or spending money recklessly.  I'm referring to being an investor of your income (not just a consumer).  How much money from your last paycheck have you invested into something greater?  When I was faced with the option of allocating multiple thousands of dollars into a coaching program, I simply looked at what I would get as a result of saying yes, and took the plunge.

Think of money as an accelerator.  If my goal is to have salmon for dinner, I could pull a piece of salmon from the freezer, defrost it, marinate and cook it. Or, I can go to a restaurant and hand over $25.00 and have a salmon meal quickly prepared.  Same results. The only difference in the scenario was the allocation of money.  Again, I repeat, I'm not talking about mindlessly spending money. I'm referring to using money to accelerate your goals.

Lastly, you should constantly measure your results and reset your actions week after week.  Every Monday is a fresh start.   Every Monday we start again on the journey. And we never, ever stop. Stopping is the only thing that kills your goals.  When you stop, you immediately cut off the oxygen supply.  Use the micro-action approach before you even think of stopping.  Honestly, the micro-method has been the biggest contributor to the results I enjoy today.  So don't fret about small results. They will absolutely compound over time.

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