Must have Body Lotions that give you Even-Toned, Flawless Skin

Drier weather awaits us.  In the next few months we'll be reaching for thicker creams and butters to soothe our parched, flaky skin.  A couple of years ago, I swore off body butters after noticing the amount of build up from slathering on heavy lotions day after day.  It seemed like the more I applied, the drier my skin became over time.
Last year, I made the executive decision to switch to oils, instead of lotion, after Capriclear came into my life.  Spray coconut oil was everything I could ever want.  Then I was given a great tip by a stewardess with flawless skin to check out baby oil gel.  Both work great. But this year, I'm thinking about taking things to the next level.

What if I could use a lotion that did more than just moisturize?  What if our lotion could actually exfoliate, keeping skin soft and glowing all winter long. Exfoliated skin better retains moisture, so instead of coating old skin cells with thick lotions, maybe we switch to exfoliating formulas that keep our skin moist, soft and even-toned.
"I swear by these products for my skin care. A little expensive but the results are mind blowing." -@inertiacreeps001
Glytone Retexturize Body Lotion:
One of the favorite options because of its high glycolic acid acid content (17.5%).  This lotion even addresses keratosis pilaris (bumpy, chicken skin).   For those of us who have dark spots on our legs, chest, back or any otherwhere else on the body, Glytone may be exactly what you are looking for.  Oh, I should also mention that they have a glycolic acid (GA) containing heel and elbow cream to soften and smooth rough, dry elbows heels.  The heel and elbow cream contains a greater percentage of GA to fight tough calluses and extra dry skin.  This heel and elbow cream is a winter must have!
Perfect Image Exfoliating Body Lotion (Glycolic Acid 10%, Salicylic Acid 2%)
What I appreciate about Perfect Image is all the supporting ingredients that go above and beyond the standard glycolic acid.  Perfect Image seems to be a lighter formula than Glytone (which is a thicker lotion).  Not only does it contain glycolic acid, but Perfect Image also brings salicylic acid into the mix along with green tea, chamomile, cucumber, and papaya extract (just to name a few).  If you want a lotion that exfoliates and combats body acne, this is it!

The reviews on Amazon are pretty stellar. One satisfied customer mentioned that she noticed mild peeling after on legs ("allowing fresher, softer skin to be more visible") .   A couple commenters boasted about their husbands even noticed a difference in their new baby soft skin.

Honestly, I want both!  I like the idea of using a thicker formula on my heels at night to keep them baby soft until sandal season comes back around.  And I desire a lighter cream to use on my chest.  Years ago, I used to get random breakouts on my chest. Upping my water intake has helped keep them at bay but, when I look closely, I still see remnants of discoloration that I need gone.  And my legs.  I exfoliate my thighs in the shower with my beloved Shea Butter Scrub, but I rarely spend time exfoliating the lower part of my leg.    I'd love to have a lotion to take care of that for me.

I decree that everyone should have an exfoliating body lotion as part of their beauty routine.  It's like the simplest thing you can do. And we apply lotion every day anyway. Never again should we settle for lotions that only coat the skin. Why not use one that is working overtime to feed your flawlessness.   It's a no brainer.


  1. Please please promise to use sunscreen with these products. That type of rapid cell turnover caused by the glycolic exfoliants means you are left with unprotected and young cells which could lead to hyperpigmentation if your don't protect them with sunscreen.

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  3. Amlactic is also a pretty good one!


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