Mark your Calendars! Dyson is launching the Hair Dryer of the Future

Last summer was especially hot.  So I began the search for a high quality fan.  Every so often, I buy a tower fan and, a few years later, it breaks down and I have to buy another one.  Finally, I was done.  I said to myself, "I need to find thee best fan on the market".  What I uncovered is that Dyson's bladeless fans were deemed as the best product out there.

I'll admit it, the price really turned me off.  But the countless positive reviews I read swayed me to take the plunge.  I grabbed the model that both cooled and had the ability to operate as a heater.  I figured that if a fan could indeed heat a small room, the investment would be worth it.  I'm now happy to say that I absolutely adore my Dyson fan. It helped me save a ton in utility costs. In fact, I'm going to purchase their full size tower fan this year.  I use the word "fan", but technically, it's an Air Multiplier. Because it's bladeless, I can put my hands right through it without fear of loosing a finger.

Yesterday, started like any other day. But everything changed once I got wind of news that Dyson is coming out with a hair dryer later this year.  You might be thinking, "so what,  I already have a hair dryer." Keep in mind that Dyson isn't in the business of relaunching tired old technology.  In case you missed it, my fan has no blades and has the ability to heat and cool.  
I think of Dyson as the Apple of household consumer goods.  They put a ton of intention into their design while pushing the boundaries of the old way of doing things.  And that's exactly what they've done with this new hairdryer.  The first thing you should know is that they invested millions of dollars into developing this new technology.  They've completely redesigned recreated the motor to a fraction of the size of your typical hair dryer.  Secondly, they've leveraged some of the same technology that brought us the bladeless Air Multiplier.  You can stick your fingers right through the middle of your hair dryer without having to deal with extreme heat.  It's also quieter than a typical hair drier.  

But what we should be excited about are the embedded heat sensors that are meant to prevent the hair from excessive heat damage.  They also promise faster drying times and a smoother finished product using "smooth air technology."  I have no idea what that means so I'm side eyeing that claim until I can get my hands on it.   Be prepared, it's not cheap.  When it launches the dryer will retail for $399.00.  I think the most expensive hair dryer I own is around $100.00. And I paid that much because of how hot the dryer can get.  If the Dyson dryer can give me healthier hair in a fraction of the time, I'm in.  Part of the reason my hair dryers haven't seen the light of day is how long it takes to complete the process.  I'm a huge technology buff and Dyson has already earned me as a loyal customer, so I'm counting down the days until Sephora  launches the SuperSonic hair dryer in September. 

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  1. I saw this on my Facebook feed this morning! Also I definitely saw a dyson humidifier for $499 at target the other day. Apparently it has UV technology to remove 99.99% of bacteria that can potentially spread in your humidifier if its not cleaned regularly. You know I love my humidifier so I'm adding the dyson one to my ultimate wish list. I may have to add a dyson blowdryer as well now!


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