The Pretty Panty Experiment | What happens when you wear nice underwear for 7 days

Once upon a time, I enjoyed shopping for beautiful undergarments.  I loved seeking out shades that went well with my skin tone.  Mixing and matching various pieces to create a new look was exciting.  Beautiful underwear was just as important as the clothes I wore over them.

Then time passed and life got hectic.  Once I had to deal with a crazy travel schedule and extra long work days, I sought out comfort above everything else.  Years passed, and the next thing I know, my dresser is full of uninspiring unmentionables.

Today, I ran into one of my favorite stores to take a gander at their jewelry assortment. After picking out a super cute pair of earrings, I started to make my way around the store to see what else I might find.  Before I know it, I'm standing in front of a display of several beautiful bra and panty sets.  Instantly I ask myself, "when was the last time you bought or wore pretty underwear?" That's when I realized how far I strayed from my former glory.

Fancy undergarments are what I consider a splurge.  But it's an investment in yourself that could pay off big time.  Do you remember when I said  wearing make up daily could result in you taking better care of your skin?  Well, I also believe that wearing pretty panties can bring with it lots of secondary benefits.

It's one thing to break out the good underwear on a special night, but what if beautiful lingerie became an every day occurrence?  Imagine the level of confidence that comes with knowing that you have on items that flatter your body in the most amazing way.  I have a sneaking suspicion that beautiful underwear will influence other behaviors that impact our bodies. We'll share the characteristics as women who take immense pride in their self-care rituals.   I wouldn't be surprised if wearing quality undergarments influences our work out and eating habits.  Honestly, wearing beautiful underwear is a critical part of your daily feel good routine.

So I'm starting a challenge for myself.  I'm going to purchase seven days worth of pretty new bras + panties. Then, I''ll experiment with wearing fancy underwear every single day, even if I don't leave the house.  It'll be something I do as an act of self love.  If you feel like you've let yourself go, the first place to start is by procuring beautiful, comfy panties that'll instantly shift your mood the moment you wear 'em.  Try it for a week and see what happens.

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