Why Carbonated Water might be the best thing ever!

We're no strangers here to the wonders of drinking water.  We've talked, at length about all the benefits that can be had by increasing your water intake.  Since we're veterans at this, we need to step our game up and take things to the next level.
Maybe it's time to include carbonated water into our rotation.  Why, because there might be some associated beauty benefits.  This is especially true if you are soda drinker.  We've all heard the stories of people who effortlessly lost weight simply by eliminating soda from their diet.  Soda, is essentially carbonated water and sugar.  Sugar, as you know, will quickly convert to fat unless you burn it off.   If you simply replace soda with carbonated water, you'll eliminate tons of extra sugar from your diet hence the rapid shedding of pounds.  I'm not a big soda drinker but I do enjoy the taste of carbonation.  My favorite thing to do is add a few mint leaves & lime slices enjoy it as a zero calorie, virgin mojito.
You know how they tell you to drink a large cup of water before or between meals to help keep your fuller.  May I suggest that you leverage carbonated water to help curb your appetite?  The bubbles will fill you up fast making you feel fuller. This exquisite water can be a huge asset for you as you manage calories before bathing suit season.

Besides consuming it,  did you know that Korean women use carbonated water as a facial beauty treatment? Yep. What they do is fill a bowl or sink with seltzer water then dunk their face in it. You're probably wondering, why would someone do that? Well, because the little bubbles allegedly deliver oxygen directly to the skin. Some say this technique also tighten skin, deep clean pores and remove dead skin cells leaving you looking fresh.  Some have even dabbed a cotton pad with tonic water and applied it to the face like a toner.

Since carbonated water has a low pH, some like to use it on their hair. Carbonated water is said to mildly clarify and can make a great "after swim" rinse to help eliminate chlorine from the hair.  Seltzer water rinsing is also said to help curb humidity induced frizz.  I definitely want to experiment with a soda water rinse. I'm thinking of purchasing an at home Soda Machine so I can have all the carbonated water I desire.

If for nothing else, if you simply replace your sodas with flavored (unsweetened) tonic water, you'll at least experience the body benefits.  By the way, drinking several cups a day of seltzer water does count towards your overall water intake.  Plus you avoid the negative consequences of drinking soda like enamel erosion and bone loss.  Drinking carbonated water is just as healthy as flat water except that it's a bit fancier.  And you certainly deserve to drink fancy water.


  1. I try to drink 1.5l of water each day and when I do it really does improve my skin!


  2. See also: La Croix sugar and calorie free carbonated water. My favorite flavors are the peach-pear, mango and apricot!

  3. I've found La Croix peach water and life has never been the same. Now I absolutely need to try the peach-pear. Thanks for the recommendation.


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