DIY Scalp Stimuation + Exfoliation Sugar Scrub

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Lately my scalp has become a bit of a concern.  Normally, I think of my scalp during the cooler months but it's just as critical to care for the scalp now as it is during winter.  Simply put, I feel as if my scalp would benefit greatly from exfoliation.  I've gone on and on about exfoliation in previous posts. Heck even Chilli of TLC provided a gentle reminder when I ran into her last week.
There's Fresh Sugar polish that I adore for my face and I live & die by Tree Hut Shea body polish as an every day ritual. I'm pretty much exfoliating from head to toe.  That is......except for my scalp.  Scalp is skin too...right?  And, it's constantly bombarded with products oil and other stuff layered on throughout the week. Not to mention sweating from the warmer temps.  Our scalp deserves from refreshing.  I did a quick search online and learned that lots of ladies were getting good results from using a brown sugar scrub on their scalp on wash day.   

By simply adding some brown sugar to your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or even oil, you'll have a simple, effective method to cleanse your scalp.  
I also thought about how to take this process to the highest level possible by incorporating scalp healthy ingredients into the mix.  Perhaps, instead of olive oil, I opt for coconut which has anti fungal properties (great for dandruff) and will also nurture the hair.  A couple of drops of essential oil like eucalyptus or peppermint will provide an invigorating experience while increasing circulation and blood flow.

This, I think will work well during the pre-poo step, just before I get into the shower. I can gently massage/exfoliate my scalp as I allow the pre-shampoo product to condition my hair.  There's also the benefit of having a scalp free of excess dead skin, products, etc blocking the healthy growth of my hair. I can't wait to experience that clean scalp feeling again.


  1. I forgot how much I love scalp scrubs. I need to try this agin. Great post x

  2. I wish I had seen this before I bought the Kiehl'a scalp scrub. I'll definitely try this when I'm done with that. Probably before.


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