Motivation Monday | Moving from a feeling of lack to a place of abundance

One of the draw backs of always wanting to reach a bigger, better goal is not having to opportunity to stop and acknowledge all that already is.  I'm always telling myself to focus on my intentions, keep my eyes fixated on my goals,  etc.  All the while, I pretty much forget that every single part of my reality is the result of past intentions that have been realized.

This is an important distinction for many reasons.  When I reflect on how much of the things/people/experiences I have in my life that were once desires, my thinking shifts.  It becomes difficult to remain with that feeling of lack I develop when I'm only focusing on what's missing in my life.  It's comforting to know that what I desire is happening just as easily as the other things I now enjoy that I once prayed for.  

"Feeling like you have it now!"
Focus on "the feeling of having it now" is a mantra often repeated in the world of personal development and law of attraction.  They say that feeling as if it's already yours is an invaluable aspect of the reality creation process.  It multiplies the intensity of belief causing one's actions to become much more focused and powerful.  If I already feel like it has happened, I can remove negative feelings like lack, resistence, disbelief.  All which work together to move me away from my intended outcome.  Suddenly, I'm filled with feelings of abundance, gratitude, belief.

"Do you really believe it?"
Speaking of belief.  I wish I can stress the importance of belief in achieving everything you want on your list of desires.  The feeling of believing that it is certain to happen can be tough.  Our emotions can easily flood our minds with the feelings of everything that can go horribly wrong.  I can vividly imagine worse case scenarios to the point of causing physical stress. But if I wanted to create a clear picture of my most ideal outcome, it's a struggle.  This is why the act of looking backwards at everything you have received and remembering how much you desired it, is so crucial.  You start to see that everything is possible.  This next thing you crave is no different than the last.  It's all the same.  

I clearly remember using two different types of techniques in attracting my dream car.  I wanted this car for over a decade.  At first it was a simple desire. The car was beautiful and I would have liked to have one sometime in the future.  Then, years later I began to put it on my vision boards and tell others that I would have one.  The moment of truth came when, as I was staring a stranger down who was driving my dream car, I realized that he probably didn't have pictures of the car hanging all over his bedroom.  He simply wanted it, knew he would have it, then took the steps to get it.  Everything changed for me that day.  I decided to set aside an account for that purpose, I test drove, I searched online then it happened.  This, to me, is the epitome of acting in true belief.  Our actions change dramatically when we "know" something will happen versus when we "want" something to happen.
Focusing on what we've already achieved is a powerful way to build belief levels from "wanting" to "knowing."  The goal is to get to knowing as quickly as possible and to stay there as long as possible. Once you reside in the place of knowing, it becomes easy to shift from feeling of lack to a place of expectation.  

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  1. This was very much on time. A few weeks ago, and really a few months ago, but more recent these days, I started writing my vision for my life, and writing as if it were already done. Not things that I want to happen, but things that WILL happen. It took me nearly two weeks to realize one of those things had already happened. And this is in line with what Pastor Rickie Rush said at a baccalaureate service Sunday. You can't pray for something over and over again. You must only be asking for something over and over because you don't believe you'll get it. God heard the first time, so follow his instructions till you get what you're expecting/what you asked for.


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