PURIFY | Creating a ritual for detoxifying the skin

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Has it been a while since you intentional gave yourself a treatment exclusively for the purpose of purifying your skin?  If so, then don't let another minute go by without giving your skin a purification treatment.
Exfoliation works wonderfully to remove the dead skin cells that lay on the skin's surface. But what about the stuff that's just under the surface. I'm referring to the congestion that diminishes all your efforts of having flawless skin.  This past week, hubby ran his hand down the bridge of my nose and casually, mentioned that it was "bumpy."  I hadn't even noticed the clogging that was beginning to take place.

Immediately I went into action, pulling out all the heavy hitters.  First I placed my Clarisonic Pro on the charger.  Then I scoured my stash for the small white jar of Glam Glow purifying mud.  If I couldn't find it for whatever reason, my back up masks are Origin's Clear Improvement with charcoal and Fresh's Umbrian Clay bar.  Either way, I'm covered.  The difference in the smoothness of my skin before and after was like night and day.  When I revisited this ritual, I added the step of steaming prior to cleansing and using the mask and took it to the next level.
Panasonic Facial Steamer
Which brings to message of this post, our skin is purging itself 'round the clock. That's its duty and it does a fine job of it.  Our role is to remove the toxins and dead skin cells. That's why we use masks, scrubs, rotating brushes, etc.  The issue I have is remembering to be consistent. I don't realize what is happening until it's already too late.  By then, I've already experienced a break out or clogged pores.  Suddenly, I'm reacting to troubled skin instead of consistently creating a flawless face.

This message of consistently purifying the skin is even more critical now that we're in the warmer months.  You should have a ritual of purifying at least once a week.  Heck, you can even try a couple of times a week and see if your skin loves it.    We've got to put having clear, glowing skin as a priority because it's the first thing people see. Even if your hair is laid to the utmost, it does no good if your skin is troubled.  Smooth, clear skin should always remain a priority....pure and simple.


  1. I check frequently to see what advice or recommendation you have to share. Sometimes I buy the stuff you suggest. For example, I am a big FAN of silica and Capri Clear. Sometimes what's even better than a new product is inspiration or a reminder to stay on my skincare game. I have added a few more exfoliation sessions this week and I'm already seeing positive results. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Yay Queenmickie! I'm so glad you love the Capri Ciear. I'll make sure to keep writing skin care posts going forward.


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