Fit Friday | Why I love my ankle weights

Seems like making it to the gym keeps getting harder and harder.  Because of this, I decided to  focus on building my collection of workout equipment.  Every so often, I'll stop by the fitness section at the store and see what I can add to my current line up.   
My last two purchases were a pair of ankle weights in 5 lb & 10 lb.  Instantly, my basic leg raises become super intense workouts.  I feel the burn all through my legs, thighs and glutes in half the time.  Seriously, the first time I worked out using ankle weights, I could feel my heart beat rise and my breathing intensify as if I were engaging in an aerobic workout.

I also do this thing where I velcro the ankle weights together to create a weighted belt.  Wearing this "belt" around my waist helps me pay attention to my core and allows me to burn more calories with each step.  They say that standing at the computer vs. sitting burns additional calories and is healthier overall.  You know that I like to take things to the next level so I wear my weighted belt while at my computer to maximize benefits. Sometimes, I knock out a few squats with while wearing my belt.  Makes the entire experience more intense.

Because wearing ankle weights for longer periods does involve additional pressure on the the body and joints, I place a yoga mat under my feet while at the computer to increase comfort.  I also break up the time I have on the weight belt so I'm not wearing for hours at a time.  Ankle weights, they cost so little and do so much.  I'm such a fan getting the most bang for my buck.  When I workout, I want to see results sooner than later.  Otherwise, I'm not motivated to keep going.  With ankle weights I know I'm getting the most from my exercises without having to buy heavy equipment.  Best decision I ever made.


  1. I am looking for the ankle weights as pictured because they give better support. Do you know where I can find them? I have searched amazon and other places and they only have the smaller sizes.

  2. Ankle weights turned core belt?! What a great idea! I never thought about adding ankle weights to my at home fitness workout, but it sounds like they would be great for me. Thanks for sharing!


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