Healthy Hair | Treating damaged areas one section at a time

Healthy Hair
Each week I sit down to conduct a ritual that I've done for many years.  And, for the most part, my pre-poo has been pretty much the same.  Sure, I switch up products from time to time but overall, I've been doing the pre-poo on auto pilot.

One issue that I've been plagued with throughout my entire hair journey is damage that occurs in small sections.  When I'm diligent in practicing the strand ceremony, meaning when I applying product in the teeniest sections possible week after week I see great results.  However, a true strand ceremony takes a lot of time which is my excuse for the times I deviate from the process.
The greatest benefit to applying conditioner in small sections is having direct access to areas that aren't doing as well as others.  In one moment, I'm applying creamy conditioner to thick lush hair, a moment later, I find a shorter, thinner section the produces a couple of broken hairs as I smother it with product. I wish I could have an entire head of healthy hair but I just haven't been that fortunate.

But what if I could tweak the pre-poo process so I can get what I want?  The strand ceremony works but I'm only getting 50% of what is possible.  What if I could take the process up one notch to eradicate weak areas once and for all.  So here's what I'm going to do.

1. Utilize the process of parting my hair in extremely small sections.
2. Prepare two batches of product. One batch for my thick, healthy hair. One batch for my weak damaged section.

Instead of applying a basic moisturizing conditioner to weak damaged areas, I'll experiment spot treating the weaker areas with a protein rich moisturizing conditioner.  My hope is that, over time,  those weaker areas will become stronger and soon, I'll have an entire head of healthy strands.  Oh, and I won't forget to utilize Yahya's amazing tip of adding protein rich conditioners on the ends. So that's the plan. I really do think this could be key in transforming my hair overall.

We'll see.


  1. I hope you see some good results! I'm still trying to figure out protein treatments.

  2. This is an interesting concept! Please keep us posted on your results! God bless!


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