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Ever been in a situation were you didn't know you needed something so badly until that thing came crashing into your life? It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized how integral a spray can of water would be to my well being.  Yeah, that's right. I said "my well being."  After learning of this amazing gift on Instagram, it became the first item on my want-list. Similar to how one would move a DVD to the top of their Netflix queue. Luckily I found a great deal featuring a full bottle and a travel size for under $10.00.  As I waited for my package to arrive, I thought about the many ways I would use my new babies.

captured from the Instagram Secrets post
The travel size Evian spray would immediately go in my handbag.  I envisioned myself sitting on the  plane and nonchalantly reaching into my bag and misting my skin with moisture.  The size of this thing is perfect.  Small enough to fit in pretty much any size purse.  One or two mists is all I need.

The moment my package arrived, I knew I made the right choice.  I have this weird affinity for ultra fine mists.  Evian facial spray provides a fine, subtle mist that spreads evenly over the face.  After using, my face feels hydrated, not wet, and it gives me this nice dewy look that I so much appreciate.  What  I really love about the spray is how it feels cool to the skin.  Whenever I get too hot, I mist.  Instantly, I feel cool and comfortable again.
I bought two pairs, but after using, I immediately decided to give a pair to my mom.  I thought of her hot flashes and how much relief she could get.  She's always working in the garden or doing something physical that has her breaking a sweat.  She keeps her Evian Spray in the fridge to keep it even cooler before using.  I love them so much that I decided to get three more sets.  Oh, did I mention that I've been using it to moisturize my hair?  If you recall the LCO moisturizing technique, it begins with you applying a liquid to your hair prior to adding a creamy moisturizer and finishing with a light nourishing oil.  Well, I have found my new liquid!  Evian works exceptionally well because the mist is distributes evenly and is so light!  Perfect for creating instant moisture.

Have I stressed enough how much I love my new facial misters?  Even if they didn't flawlessly moisturize my hair, I'd still think these are the best things since sliced bread.  You must have one (or three).



  1. Wow before finishes your post I though about my mom and her hot flashes! This sounds like she would love it, I will definitely be buying her some.

  2. how long does one small and large bottle usually last you with regular use?

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    Thank you,

    Angela 1


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