Monday Motivation | Achieve your desires by dreaming smaller.

Each day, I try to listen to some motivational and inspirational audio to get my mind in the right place. Last week I was introduced to an idea regarding the law of attraction that was a bit different from what I've heard in the past.  I remember when LOA was big, people were writing million dollar checks to themselves in order to attract financial abundance into their lives.  We were told to dream and think big because there was no difference in manifesting a million dollars versus manifesting $1.00.

The only issue that arises with that type of thinking is our belief levels.  You see, attraction, goal achievement, etc requires one key factor in order to allow the intention to become a reality.  That one key factor is belief. Belief is the fuel that transports you from thoughts to actions to achievement.  This is why we are asked to visualize (to increase our belief), to state affirmations (to increase our belief), to create vision boards (to increase our belief),  and to write down our goals in present tense (to increase our belief).  Without faith/belief, we are unable to leverage the law of attraction.  I remember having a conversation with my brother once about an intention that was taking me years to manifest.  We talked about the possible root causes and finally I said, "I'm not able to reach that outcome because deep down I don't believe it's possible."  That way of thinking was holding me back.

Ok. So now that we have established how important it is to believe our goals are possible, lets discuss how to increase that belief.  Like I said earlier, you can (and should) visualize the goal, write it down, look at pictures, affirm the end result to help convince your subconscious mind that what you want is possible.  But let me also introduce you to another technique to guarantee that you will manifest your intentions.

Start dreaming smaller.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Instead of writing yourself million dollar checks and putting images of spacious mansions on your vision board, start thinking smaller.  The fastest way to manifest an intention that your desire is to leverage the power of belief to activate your actions.  When we create these larger than life goals of what we want to achieve, our subconscious sneaks in and starts to create seeds of doubt.  You may or may not be aware of what your subconscious is doing but, if you notice that you're not taking action towards you intentions, you can safely assume that underlying (self)doubt is present.

The easiest way to work around that doubt is to create smaller, more believable intentions.  Something you KNOW you can achieve.  This doesn't necessarily mean that you give up your big dreams, but you have to break them down into chunks that can be accomplished without a shadow of a doubt.  I still keep the intention of cashing a million dollar check one day, but I create an equal intention of obtaining my business license, or reading 1 book a month on wealth creation.  Those, mini-intentions are doable and therefore believable.  As I fixate on achieving them with intensity of emotion,  I cause it to naturally occur in my life.  Once those intentions are met, I move on to the next level mini-intention.  I repeat this intention cycle over and over again and next thing you know, I've made a ton of progress towards my goals.

This idea of "dreaming small" also helps take away the anxiety that we sometimes feel when we see the gap between where we want to be and where we are.  If I'm 60lbs overweight and I tell myself I need to lose 60lbs, there's a certain amount of pressure attached with reaching that goal.  But if I tell myself that I strongly desire to lose 5lbs.  It's totally believable.  I set my intentions, visualize, affirm and when I lose those 5 lbs, I do it again with even more belief because I know in my heart how possible it is.

Does any of this makes sense?  I'm going to try this technique with my financial goals.  The number that I want to earn a month is a bit unbelievable for me because I've never been at that level before.  So what I'm going to do is create a much smaller goal and brainstorm what I can do to easily reach that level of monthly increase.  Once that's achieved, I do it again.  I suspect that as my level of belief builds, I'll be able to attract my mini-intentions at a faster pace.

Let's give it a try!


  1. I love your motivational topics...keep doing what you are doing you are definitely on the right track. I look to your blog for motivation on days where i find i'm lacking motivation and will power.

  2. I love this post. it comes at a perfect time because I've been struggling with remaining focused on the LOA and believing that I can obtain my goals. This approach makes sense. It's easier to break down your goals in manageable chunks. That for me is achievable and more realistic. I will give this a try.

    Thank you!


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