First Impressions | Phace Bioactive Low pH Cleanser.

As far as facial cleansers go, I really didn't pay them much attention.  Once I was able to manage my dermatitis with the help of coconut cider vinegar, I shifted my focus towards cleaners that also address discoloration.

Unfortunately, those cleansers typically strip the skin as they attempt to lighten blemishes.  I've since realized that the cleansing step may not be the most effective time to fade acne.  Instead of stripping, what if I could actually nourish the skin while cleansing?

Skin is at it's happiest when it's pH balanced.  Studies show that if your skin's pH isn't within the ideal range, you are more likely to experience breakouts.  A few years ago, I cleansed my skin using acid water that I was able to pick up from a local alkaline water store in town.  I vividly remember how well my skin and hair responded to the low pH water.  After the shop closed down, I seriously contemplated picking up an alkalizing machine at home.  But until then, it's nice to know there's a cleanser that can give comparable benefits.

The one word I'll use to describe this cleanser is "gentle."  No matter how hard I tried to create a little sudsing, it just wouldn't happen.  Massaging into my skin had a similar feel to oil cleansing.  I felt like I was adding to the skin, not taking away.

The instructions say massage onto wet skin for a minute before rinsing.  And, for deeper exfoliation, the cleanser can be converted to a mask by applying it to clean, dry skin and leaving on for 3-5 minutes.  So basically, you have a skin healthy cleanser and an exfoliating mask in one amazing product.

As of now, I've use Phace Bioative cleanser twice.  It arrived yesterday afternoon after I already cleansed my skin for the day.  That morning I cleansed with Alba's Brightening gel cleanser.  Immediately, after washing, I practically ran into the room to grab my toner because of how tight and dry my skin felt.  With Phace Bioacive, my skin felt toned post wash.

The one word I'll use to describe my skin after cleansing with Phace is soft.  Incredibly, soft.  It's I-can't-stop-touching-my-face-soft.  This is a great cleanser.  After applying serums, my skin feels even better!  Sure, this isn't the most budget friendly cleanser around, but a little goes a long way, and the way your skin feels afterwards is unlike any other cleanser you currently own.

At the very least, this should be everyone's winter cleanser because it leaves the skin feeling so hydrated and nourished.   Ashley mentioned that this cleanser could possibly ward off wrinkles down the road.  I'm guessing because pH balanced skin helps maintain moisture better than traditional cleansers.

A cleanser that can prevent acne causing bacteria, doubles as an exfoliating mask, all while keeping the skin soft and nourished.  Does it get any better than that?

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