Monday Motivation | How to no longer hate Mondays

Welcome to the very last Monday of 2015.  And thank you for joining me for this special Monday Motivation post.

Last week, I spent a little time reflecting and I've come to the conclusion that it's time to tweak Mondays just a bit.  For the most part, Mondays will still consist of motivational type blog posts. But, I want to elevate the Monday experience and turn it into the best day of the week!

A year and a half ago, I absolutely dreaded Mondays.  In fact, I'd purposeful stay up late on Sunday nights in order to avoid going to sleep and waking up Monday morning.  There would be bunch of reports due and lots of phone calls to return.  Mondays were the kick off to another stressful week.
Now, I want to give Mondays a new meaning.  I want Mondays to truly be a day of motivation.  Think about it, if we can kick off the week with a nice, strong start, we'll be setting ourselves up for killer week.  And when we start stacking those amazing weeks, back to back, we essentially alter the course of our lives.

So what will the new Monday Motivation look like?

One thing I never do on Mondays is get in full alignment with my intentions.  Mondays should be the day when we fill ourselves with intention.  We should get reconnected with what we want to create for the week.  The first day of the work week the time to review your vision board and visualize your success.  Setting aside a little time to reconnect with your heart's desires should happen every single Monday morning.  Once that's done, you then break out your agenda and schedule your intention-based actions for the week.

Instead of dreading Mondays, you can start to love them.  You do this by infusing Mondays with inspiration.  Fill your morning with things you love before leaving for work.  Last year, my biggest source of inspiration came from reading about, or listening to the stories of people who accomplished what I desired.  For you inspiration can come from writing, listening to great music or painting.  Whatever your heart loves, schedule a little time for it before heading into work.  The entire week will comprise of you getting things done for others.  It only makes sense for you do something for yourself at the start of the week.

Your environment has a direct and immediate impact on how you feel. How you feel has a direct and immediate impact on your actions.  Therefore, we need to always be doing the work of elevating our environment.

I recall the time when I felt like my workdays were frantic and stressful.  Immediately, I began to do what was necessary to alter my immediate environment. I started buying meditation music CDs to play in my office. I also made sure my desk was clear of EVERYTHING except what I was working on the very moment.  Those two small tweaks increased my productivity and brought my stress levels way down.  Whenever you are feeling uninspired, take a look around and ask yourself, "is my environment contributing to my current results (or emotions).  If so, then move quickly to alter the situation.

I know we've talked about Fearless Friday in the past, but I'm thinking of incorporating elements of Fearlessness at the start of the week.  There's a project that's been on my to-do list for way too long. I suspect that has to do a lot with resistance.  So I've decided to get started on anything that I've been avoiding by implementing several micro-actions until the project is complete.  The theory I'm testing out is by starting the week with the most feared action on my to-do list, I'll plow throw everything else on the list with no problem.  We all know how good it feels to finally do something that's been weighing heavy on our minds.  Can you imagine how powerful it will be to have the sense of victory on the first day of each week?

Last, and most importantly, my intention is to inject elements of my future (or desired) reality into each Monday.  Sure, I'll still make a bunch of routine phone calls, and complete mundane activities. But I also intend to unorthodox things like get a facial, test drive my dream car, or go house hunting.

When I had a full time job, I would leave the office for lunch and drive to the nice part of town, sit at the cafes with my laptop pretend like I was an entrepreneur working on my latest project.  This was reality creation at it's finest. Other times, I'd eat lunch in my car while I read a copy of the 4 Hour Work Week or listened to various audiobooks.

For some people visualizing what they was works just as well.  I'm not that good at forming clear mental pictures so I prefer to recreate the vision in real life.  This has been a really powerful method for me and it's something I'd like to implement every Monday.


  1. This is another fantastic post. I just want to personally thank you for being a true inspiration with your beautifully written posts. Wishing you a successful new year. Awa

  2. I literally was saying the other day that I don't hate Monday!!! I'm not in my dream job yet, but my colleagues are much more tolerable, lol. I read a CGD post which stated that when you really love your job, you don't even want to leave. So I guess in that case you'd want Monday's to come even sooner!!!! Thanks for your post :-)


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