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A while back, I was inspired to write a post on the topic of "being amazing" in order attract amazing experiences and people into our lives.  While I do feel that the message is relevant, I'd like to tweak the verbiage just slightly.

While I do still believe that being amazing will attract wonderful people and experiences into your life, I think I've found an easier (clearer) method to constantly attract more of what we want.
When you tell someone to "be amazing" the first thought that pops into your head might be "sounds good, but how exactly do we do that?"  I can try to answer that question to the best of my ability, but I instead, I suggest you try my alternate technique.

Instead of trying to "be amazing,"  I want you to focus on "feeling amazing."

Feeling amazing is a much more objective outcome that you sorta can measure.  If I were to ask you, how you're feeling right now, you'd have no difficulty answering my question.  Law of Attraction experts urge us to focus our attention on our feelings if we wish to attract more of what we want.  Apparently, when we are feeling amazing, we vibrate at a higher frequency.  Eventually, we supposedly get to the point where we vibrate at a frequency similar to what we desire to attract.

If we maintain a high frequency for a long enough duration, then we start to experience a shift in our everyday reality.  I've known this information for a while but never put it into practice as fervently as I have recently.  Ensuring that I feel good has been a priority for the past several weeks.  I'm happy to report, that because of my efforts, manifestations have been occurring on a very regular basis.   I haven't won the lottery or anything like that, but I have noticed an ease in how my intentions are becoming manifestations.

On a practical level, all I do is ask myself (numerous times a day) how I am feeling.  If my response isn't that I'm feeling great, I take a series of steps to instantly shift my mood from good to great.  From there, I try to maintain my feelings of elation for as long as possible.

 That's it.

Basically, I made a commitment to put the law of attraction into real practice in my daily life.  But, instead of thinking positive thoughts, I focused on generating powerful positive emotions.  And, as a result, positive experiences have been continuing flowing into my life.  Even if nothing changes your life as a result of this process, at least your mood is lifted.  Most of the time, we want something simply because of the feeling we associate with having that thing.  What I'm attempting to do is to generate similar feelings as a precursor of what's to come. 

And, so far, things have been working out really well.  Best of all, it takes little to no effort.   If I'm not in a good feeling place, I simply rely on some go-to activities that instantly lift my mood like playing music, transforming my environment, making sure I look pretty, or focusing on everything that's going right in my life. 

Feeling amazing is the prerequisite to becoming amazing.

If I continue this practice on a regular basis, for the entire year, I'm pretty certain that the compound effect will come into play to create massive results.  And that's exactly what I'm looking forward to.

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  1. Great post. Could you post about the steps you take to feel amazing? Thanks.


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