How to become an International Woman of Mystery.

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A friend of mine tells the story of how she entered the world of marketing and brand development.  While working at a local sign company, a customer walked in that immediately drew her attention.  The woman was dressed impeccably from head to toe.  Her modern style was unlike others she seen around town.  The mystery woman had an air of confidence that caused others to want to know more.  
Not wanting to miss this opportunity, my friend had to ask this woman "where are you from? You don't look like you are from here." "New York", the mystery woman answered, then she went on to talk about relocating to the city to build her advertising firm.  Long story short, the two exchanged numbers which ultimately led my friend to an new opportunity in the world of advertising.  

Remember the post on attractive people dressing well?  The mystery woman I spoke to talked about the multitude of opportunities came her way as a result of caring about how she presented herself to the world.  She reminded us that international women of mystery present the version of themselves as a celebration of life. Perhaps we're not ready to dress like this 24 hours a day, but I believe that we should all have essentials that can quickly elevate us from girlhood into womanhood in a moment's notice.
An international woman of mystery immediately captures the attention of others in any environment she enters.  This woman is not afraid of the attention nor is she impressed by it.  She understands that it's human nature for others to be drawn to anyone or anything that is beautifully presented.  She also understands that this level of attraction creates new opportunities.  And she's ready for it. As we voyage into womanhood there are certain things every girl should aspire to.  Your signature scent should not only attract the interest of others but should also elevate your mood each time it enters your nostrils.

Before I invested quality bags, I first made the decision to purchase a designer wallet.  My previous wallet was low quality, worn and falling apart.  It wasn't until I was told by a friend that "the place where I keep my money should represent abundance" that I decided to upgrade.  First to a nicer wallet, then eventually to a designer brand.  Things have never been same.  It didn't stop there.  A well constructed wallet is just the beginning.  Let's not forget that a quality handbag is part of the international woman of mystery's uniform.  If you don't yet have a handbag in your possession that makes you smile every time you look at it, then you yet haven't reached mystery woman status.

This woman doesn't need to follow the latest trends. Instead, she's invested in classic pieces that maintain their quality through the years.  She has a high sense of self worth so she invests time and money in herself knowing that her investment will bring a hefty return.  It's all about standards. The woman of mystery sets high standards for herself and works hard to maintain them.  She eats well. She speaks her mind. She's attracted to anything that's visually stunning.  She enjoys buying herself flowers for no reason at all. She constantly draws new people and experiences into her life.
You may be thinking, "I'm nothing like this woman you describe."  But remember, this woman has created her international life of mystery, one decision at a time.  You too can draw elements of this woman into your every day routine.   Start small then work your way into becoming the woman that everyone wants to know.


  1. Great post! so true...and so really are a gifted writer you know. you bring across a message beautifully.

  2. Very inspiration post. It's true, when we dress well we present and attract positivity. Great Post!

  3. wow! I want to be that woman. I too did the upgrade of my wallet and handbag and the make-up I wear. Now I am working on the statement pieces. Great post.

  4. Intresting! However, i think one should be who they are and not try to create a character like a role in a play. The most wonderful people i ve met, male or female, has been persons who have found who they are and genuinely express that through their way of being and interacting with people. Has nothing to do with if they have a designers bag or making an effort to be someone. Their personality and way of interacting with people are much stronger than whatever they wear.

  5. You make a great point Lisa. I agree that great interactions with others leave a lasting impression with them.

    This post was more of a precursor to the interactions. I was thinking of the woman who has developed her confidence to the level where it exudes outwards.There are different ways to do that. I believe that each woman should find what stirs her confidence and nurture it.

  6. Great post Nadege. I always read your posts and never comment but your posts are helping me to discover new ways to get myself to a place where I am happy with myself. I am exercising, drinking plenty of water, exfoliating daily, applying makeup etc and I am seeing the difference that it makes to my life from the way people look at me to the way people interact with me to the way I personally feel in my own private space. keep it up..just because some of us don't comment does not mean we don't appreciate your work :)

  7. Seriously Anon, your post gives me life! I can not tell you how inspired I am by your personal transformation.

    Thank you so much for your comment.

  8. yes, great post. this isn't about NOT being yourself, it's about learning how to be your best self. You are a wise young woman, these are great posts.

  9. And This so Describes me and the way I float through life with a smile, love and my own sway. I, Nina Pugh, a Visual artist, actor, agent, mom, and soon to be a serial Entrepreneur, is the INTERNATIONAL WOMAN OF THE NEXT DECADE XOXOXOXOXOX

  10. I love this blog so much. I'm just scrolling through old post and giving myself a refresher for 2022.


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